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Ace Stream 3.1.32

Ace Stream

Ace Stream is a P2P (peer-to-peer) media player that specialises in AVoD (Audio and Video on Demand) and Live Stream (live broadcast).

Content is transfered and streamed in a very similar way to torrents, this means that while Ace Stream is downloading your content you also 'pay it forward' by uploading the same content to other users.

Features Include:
  • Peer-to-peer multimedia streaming
  • AVoD (Audio and Video on Demand)
  • Live Streaming
  • Use any media player for playback

Streams are shared on various platforms by content IDs and played through their rebranded version of the Open Source VLC Media player.

Because of its ease of use and sharing, Ace Stream is very popular with sports lovers who are able to share streams of live sports games.

Overall, Ace Stream provides a new take on media players by making it incredibly easy to stream content of all kinds.

檔案版本 Ace Stream 3.1.32
檔案名稱 Ace_Stream_Media_3.1.32.exe
檔案大小 82.41MB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 免費軟體
更新日期 2019-05-13
更新日誌 沒有資料
作者 Ace Stream