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AMS PhotoWorks 2.15

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PhotoWorks from AMS Software Suite provides a top-notch photo editing experience. It’s powerful and incredibly easy to master, thanks to intelligent tools that can help you fix photo defects and improve image quality.

So, with this software you will be able to carry out a wide range of enhancement tasks. This includes correcting exposure and perspective errors, erasing unwanted objects, changing backgrounds, boosting colours and applying other great effects.

Key features include:
  • Photo editing software.
  • Great usability.
  • Tools for pro-level image enhancement.
  • Host of popular filters.
  • Colour correction capabilities.
  • One-click editing tools.
  • Add a watermark.

There really are endless possibilities with PhotoWorks. You can save over underexposed photos, sharpen blurry shots and apply awesome effects too. This professional retouching toolkit essentially allows you to create perfect studio-quality final products. .

Its colour correction capabilities are also a big plus. It’s possible to work with any colour on an image without affecting close by areas. This lets you change colours of objects by simply dragging a slider. While doing this you can adjust the luminance, hue and saturation of every colour.

Everyone will want to be in your photos, thanks to convenient brush tools. They will help you banish blemishes, whiten teeth, create an even skin tone and even change eye and hair colour. Meanwhile, you can also accentuate the face by blurring a background or adding a vignette effect. Photo composition can also be improved in one click, all because of a series of crop presets.

Overall, PhotoWorks works wonders for people who love one-click effects. This program can help you completely transform your images, and it is pretty straightforward to master too. Don’t worry about damaging your original photo either PhotoWorks’ creators promise the program’s changes are non-destructive. So, there are only good things to report for this program!

檔案版本 AMS PhotoWorks 2.15
檔案名稱 PhotoWorks.exe
檔案大小 125.20MB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 商業預覽
更新日期 2018-11-23
更新日誌 沒有資料
作者 AMS Software