Animiz 2.4.1

Animiz Software Co., Ltd

Animiz 2.4.1


Now users can know more information (such as format/size/length) of imported audio and video.
Fix the bug of cannot import the font successfully.
Fix the issue of the bit rate does not work.
Solve the silent preview issue.
Fix the bug of the gif plays too fast or too slow or not moving.
Fix the bug of cannot publish the video when select compatible rendering mode.
Solve the problem of cannot import the video which published with compatible rendering mode and transparent channel mov format to AE.
Fix the bug of cannot open the project caused by transition animation.

版本下載:Animiz 2.4.1

Animiz 2.3.14


Fix the bug of “cannot publish the video with Alpha Channel or Compatible Mode smoothly”.
Fix the bug of “the element with “Always Display” Exit animation would flash or disappear for a while after publishing video”.
Solve the problem of “no response after changing color of emphasis effect Border Lines”.

版本下載:Animiz 2.3.14

Animiz 2.3.12


Animiz is a great app for creating animated video media. Animiz is a simple yet powerful video presentation creation app that can be used to make engaging animated videos for free. With Animiz no coding or experience is required.

Animiz can be used to create animated video presentation, product video demos, and business video presentations. Making stunning animated videos is just easy with Animiz.

Key Features include:

  • Rich online video templates: Animiz provides well-made templates that cover almost all the topics, such as Business, Education, Festival, Food, and Technology. Simply download and edit the template and add your flair.
  • Cool camera effects: In animated videos, visual aspects are key. Animated video with eye-catching effects get straight to your points quickly.
  • Diverse video assets: Interactive videoas help you engage with your audience better. Animiz has an element toolbar that allows you to add shape, image, text, role, effect, callout, SVG, sound, video, SWF, symbol, actor, chart, formula, and label to your videos.
  • Powerful multi-track timeline:
  • Customization is easy with Animiz. You can customize camera, background, caption, and animation.
  • Flexible output options:Animiz provides you with three options to publish your project.Publish it to the cloud, publish it offline in 6 different formats (.mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .flv, .mkv) based on your requirements, and you can save it as GIF format.

Overall, Animiz is a powerful set of tools that can help you save a considerable amount of time and effort for in creating animated videos. the interface is easy to use and looks well designed, and the learning curve is fairly shallow considering all the tools that can be used.

版本下載:Animiz 2.3.12