Audacity 2.2.2 RC1

Audacity Development Team

Audacity 是一套免費並起容易使用的音訊剪輯軟體,支援多種語系,對於Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux也都適用,功能包含錄製聲音、將錄音帶轉換成數位檔案、編輯Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF等音訊檔、提供混音功能、改變音軌的速度、內見許多音訊效果,使用者不用擔心找不到適合的音效。

  • 系統需求 : Windows 98 以上
  • 佔用空間 :2.13MB
  • 語言 : 多國語言
  • 支援格式:WAV、MP3、OGG
  • 特色 : 類似GoldWave的操作方式、提供許多音效、基本功能都具備

檔案版本 Audacity 2.2.2 RC1
檔案名稱 audacity-win-2.2.2-rc1.exe
檔案大小 19.31MB
系統 Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 開源軟體
更新日期 2018-02-19

Bug Fixes:
Multiple use of "Save As" to the existing open project can result in data corruption/loss.
Crash undoing during record, using Discard button of History window.
Exporting audio in compressed formats to device with insufficient space produces inconsistent/truncated results.
In Export Multiple, Cancel does not remove the file that is in progress when Cancel is chosen.
Unicode page encodings fixed ( ?° ?? ?°).
Crash using SBSMS pitch change at low sample rate.
(Mac) Equalization: "Telephone" curve displays a flat line, no sound on Preview.
Toolbars: open undocked if previously not shown, unless Reset Toolbars first.
Analysis effects that create labels should give focus to label track.
Control value may be out of range when using FloatingPointValidator.
Analysis effects produce false indication that a label is open for editing.
Import Uncompressed File Dialog Incorrect Reference to Menu Item.
Wave Color not grayed out in TCP dropdown menu when in Spectrogram view.
Hover indication on note track channel toggle appears on all tracks (when they rerender).
Installer has old logo for 2.2.1 and 2.2.0.
Un-muting with a single track unnecessarily activates the Solo button.
Applying chain to file should zoom-to-fit.

作者 Audacity Development Team