Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Productive Computing

Biometric Fingerprint Reader is a plug-in that allows for fast identification and secure verification capabilities which enable FileMaker Pro scripts to recognize individual users without requiring passwords or card swipes.

This technology can be used to recognize and authenticate individuals based on who they are, instead of what they know (passwords or PINs) or what they possess (keys or swipe cards).

Biometric authentication solutions include:

  • Accountability: Fingerprints can link actions to specific individuals, deterring inappropriate behavior and eliminating fraudulent activity.
  • Workforce Management: Fingerprints provide accurate time and attendance tracking, reduce waste and ensure accuracy.
  • Loss Prevention: Supervisors’ fingerprints can be required for special actions, facilitating adherence to corporate policies.
  • Compliance: Fingerprints can be used to provide an audit trail identifying who came in contact with sensitive data.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader can be used in a variety of ways; from sign-on and confirmation of important actions to special approvals by other users. The plugin has been designed to help combat fraud and boost customer efficiency.

檔案版本 Biometric Fingerprint Reader
檔案大小 26.52MB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 商業試用
更新日期 2018-08-02

Added a new function "PCFP_GetFingerprintImageData", which returns a container data set in bitmap format representing the fingerprint image. Note: Only fingers that have been enrolled with version 2 or newer will have fingerprint images; version 1 fingerprints do not have fingerprint images.
Added support for the U.ARE.U 5160 fingerprint scanner device.
Created an MSI installer package for Windows. The biometric DLL will be extracted by the plug-in itself instead of the installer program, removing the need to choose which version of FileMaker to install the plug-in into.
Updated plug-in to be FileMaker 64-bit compatible.
Updated the biometric DLL libraries to their latest supported version. This required a restructuring of the Enrollment and Identification forms.
Updated responsiveness of the Biometric plug-in to remove the 10-second delay when first performing PCFP_Identify.
Updated Developer's Guide.
Updated Functions Guide.
Updated demo file.

作者 Productive Computing