GOM Player


GOM Player


Enhanced playback performance:
Supports 24-bit, 32-bit high-quality sound addition.
Support for additional audio codecs for various audio formats.
Support for MusePak 7, Monkey's lossless codec.
Improved external codec stability.
Improvement of function:
Remove GOM Remote popup and Subtitle Search window.
We will provide better function in the future.
Provides tooltip for playback location when mouse over on the GOM Player Touch Skin Controller.
When installing the GOM Player, add the WEBM file icon to the GOM Player.
Change the default setting of the 'Maintain play speed' option from 'Do not keep' to 'Keep'.
Removed 'Uninstall' tap in Preferences.
VOC and Bug Fixes:
Fixed an error related to Sub size in control window in version 2.3.12.
Fixed an play time error-related in MKV file.
Fixed an crash error in list-related in A-B repeat window.
Fixed a problem in GOM Remote, VR 360 guide notation.
Modify the menu to appear when you right-click on the mini-web and the bottom text ad area.
Fixed Layered Windows subtitle guidelines in BorderlessMode.
Fixed BorderlessMode afterimage problem.
Fixed a problem where VSUtil was not deleted when uninstalling.

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Coolutils Outlook Viewer

版本下載:Coolutils Outlook Viewer

HWiNFO 5.22

版本下載:HWiNFO 5.22

Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 9



- Set the folder pane view mode to "All Folders" if it's not been set before because the default is "Smart Folders" and "All Folders" is more like what Classic Eudora looked like.
- The toolbar in the message header is now hidden as the buttons are redundant to the main toolbar and just take up extra space.
- Only doing FUMLUB for folders, not any other types, and more specifically not messages.
- The Message->Change->Priority menu on Mac now ensures just one item is selected.
- Hid some more menu items in the Mailboxes window that can never be used.
- The Status and Priority columns can now be resized, and their size (width) is now remembered.
- Made the right-click context menu in mail windows more similar to Classic Eudora. Added Redirect and a "Look Up Selected Text in" submenu that holds the reference/lookup items at the end of the Edit menu. Also renamed Edit as New to Send Again. Got rid of a number of items in there as well (Archive, Reply to List, Save As, and Print Preview).
- Now default Mac to 2-pane mode (Windows/Linux still defaults to 3-pane mode).
- Set the default to auto-mark-as-read immediately, but don't auto-mark previewed messages, which is the same behavior as Classic Eudora. Those who want to auto-mark previewed messages can set it to delay with a time of 0 seconds.
- Default openening mailboxes in tabs in Windows/Linux (Mac still defaults to separate windows).
- Now auto-aopening mailboxes after junk processing is done on the message, so it will no longer open up the Inbox for a message that will soon after get put in the Junk mailbox (uses msgsClassified notification rather than msgAdded). Another benefit is that it happens in batches of messages rather than one at a time so when the resulting windows open it's less disruptive.
- Fixed right-click->Show This Mailbox on a root account folder when it was already selected but not shown.
- Now using the Classic Eudora icons for the folder pane (In, Out, Junk, Trash).


- The normal/maximized/minimized state of windows are saved and restored.
- Window size and position are set on opening even if the window is going to be minimized or maximized because then it will restore to the correct position. On the saving side of things, window size and position are saved when the window is minimizaed or maximized because they will be wrong.
- Now saving the folder- and thread-pane splitter info based on the first tab in the window, not the current tab.
- Only storing thread pane settings if showing the preview pane.
- Trying to save off tabs that aren't folders or messages (e.g. Migration Assistant) was causing the session save code to fail.
- Made the session save code more robust wrt messages in tabs, as saving the state of a window with a message in a tab sometimes caused the code to fail to save the rest of the tabs in the window.


- Added a new "gear" image for menu item toolbar buttons which do not have a unique icon.
- Remove trailing elipsis from items in the menu tree of the Customize Toolbar dialog.
- Dynamically remove tree branches without subitems in the Menu tree of the Customize Toolbar dialog.
- All of the icons in the Customize Toolbar dialog seem to be displaying properly now.
- Now allowing toolbar buttons to be dragged anywhere on the Customize Toolbar dialog to remove them from the toolbar.
- Rearranged the Customize Toolbar dialog a little. Put the help text and the description side-by-side to allow more vertical space to the controls above, and have less overall unused space in the dialog. Made tree controls more narrow to give more space for items on right.
- When an item in the Customize Toolbar dilaog is selected that has no associated button (because it's either on the toolbar already or is a parent node) clear the old buttons so there aren't any remnants left and no longer show the "No toolbar item supported" description (just leave it blank).
- Added a "Blah Blah Blah" button to the list of customizable buttons for the toolbar. It does the equivalent of View->Message Source, i.e. it opens up a separate window with the raw source of the message.
- The Change Status toolbar button now works.
- Made both the Change Status and Change Priority toolbar buttons enabled/disabled based on whether or not there is a message selected.
- Fixed 'Close' toolbar button.


- Added clarification to the 'Italicize messages sent by me' option that a restart is required to take effect.
- Added ToolTips to all of the items in the Penelope preference pane.
- Added hidden settings ("penelope.mailbox.ignoreJunkColumnClick" and "penelope.mailbox.ignoreStarColumnClick") which cause clicks in these columns NOT to mark as junk or mark as starred (repectively) when the user clicks in that column. Instead the clicked row is selected. By default the Junk one is set to true and the Star one is set to false.
- Now remembering the selected tab in the Penelope Options/Preferences panel.
- Clarified setting and tooltip for "Automatically open mailboxes that receive new messages" to indicate that this is for UNREAD messages.
- Added a pref "mail.deleteMarksRead" to decide whether or not messages are marked as read when deleting. Defaulting to false for Windows and true for Mac to be consistent with Classic Eudora behavior.


- Fixed import of outgoing messages in non-Out mailboxes so that they now show up as read and sent-by-me in Eudora 8.
- Now correctly importing mailboxes/folders that have a comma in their name.
- Now including attachments from outgoing messages during import.


- "Use indexed search" in the Search Messages window is back in, and the "Search everywhere" and "Search subfolders" options can be used with it. When selecting "Use indexed search" you may need to select the "contains word" matching condition in order for the search to work properly.
- "Use indexed search" in the Search Messages window remembers its state across sessions.
- The various options in the Search Message window now show/hide themselves based on the state of the "Use indexed search" checkbox.


- In the Migration Assistant text changed "Thunderbird" and "Thunderbird 3" text to "Eudora" and "Eudora 8".
- Now using the Thunderbird routines to build the Mailbox and Transfer menus. This fixes the problem with some items not showing up in those menus and they will look like the other places that have similar usage (e.g. right-click context menu->Move To in message and mailbox windows).
- Added Wikipedia as a default Selected Text URL item.
- Format->Increase/Decrease Indent on composition windows were showing the accelerators of Ctrl/Cmd+]/[. Classic Mac Eudora had mapped those to raise/lower priority. So got rid of the accelerators on the menu items for Mac and left them in there for Windows (and have the accelerators map to indent).

版本下載:Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 9

Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 8



- Many fixes to FUMLUB behavior. Mailboxes now always get FUMLUB selection when being opened up, not just the first time they are opened. The focus is placed in the thread pane on the FUMLUB message. When FUMLUB is turned off the last message in the mailbox is selected (or the first, depending on which direction the mailbox is currently sorted).

- Fixed bug on Mac platform where the Cmd+` accelerator was erroneously deleting selected messages in a mailbox.

- When manually opening mailboxes/messages in tabs the default is now to open them in the foreground (i.e give them focus right away) rather than in the background.

- Added the new indexed search toolbar control to the mailbox toolbar by default replacing the old one that only searched in the current mailbox.

- Fix for FUMLUB selection happening at other times besides first loading up a folder. Seemed to only occur on some IMAP accounts.

- Add the throbber-box (shows current activity) to the default toolbar on Mac,because it's not on the menu like in Windows and Linux.

- Keyboard shortcuts were getting confused on Mac due to the lack of a mapping for key_delete2.

- Using right-click->"Open in New Tab" (or middle-click) was not using the custom Penelope mailbox open code that knows how to deal with mailboxes that are already open in another tab.

- The Who column is now a separate column of its own, rather than a mapping to the From and Recipient columns. The header icon for it is the same as Classic Eudora's.

- Added "Show mailbox on select" in the Penelope pref panel. Normally in Thunderbird when the user changes the selection in the folder pane, the newly selected mailbox gets displayed. Classic Windows Eudora users wanting to replicate more of the feel of the Mailboxes pane that is docked can use this feature. You can use double-click, middle click, Enter, or the context menu to open up mailboxes in new tabs/windows. Also added a "Show This Mailbox" menu item to the right-click context menu for the folder pane, but only when "Show mailbox on select" is turned off. This allows the display to get updated when the user wants, not on every selection change.

- Fixed double-click on scroll bar arrow in folder pane that was opening up the selected mailbox.

- Fixed the Open Message Folder button in the Search Messages window to use the Penelope routines for opening up mailboxes, bringing already open mailbox windows to the foreground rather than opening new instances.

- Mailboxes that get auto-opened when new messages arrive in them now get the tab opened up in the background so as not to interrupt the currently displayed tab.

- Now using the exact same mailbox column icons from Classic Eudora, with one change: the unread image was cloned from the status header image so that it will be the same size.

- Priorities icons now showing up in the priority column.

- Message->Change->Status now working. Thunderbird doesn't support the Redirected, Sent, or Unsent states, so those items have been hidden. When the menu first pops up it will have the menu item radio button set for the status of the first selected message.

- Message->Change->Priority now working correctly.

- Renamed the "Open" right-click menu item for folders to "Open in New Window" to be more descriptive and to be consistent with the thread pane menu item.

- Made the "Restore Defaults" menu item of the mailbox column picker restore the default Eudora/Penelope order rather than the Thunderbird order. Note that "Restore Defaults" does not change what columns are visible/hidden. See these bugs for requests on getting the default visibility set as well:
<> and

- Prevent normal keys hit during type-to-select from triggering accelerators (e.g. 0-9 to apply tags).

- When doing alt/option group select without shift (i.e. messages move together), make sure original item clicked on is visible.

- Make error beep when type-to-select can't find any matches.


- The DOM Inspector window is now saved/restored across sessions.

- Separate received and outgoing message windows were not opening up correctly on session restore.

- No longer saving off modal windows in to the session save/restore list as it causes problems when trying to restore them on restart.


- Better vertical resizing of the Customize Toolbar dialog.

- Toolbar buttons for 'back' and 'forward' do not display correctly in the Customize Toolbar dialog.

- Fixed a number of icons in the Customize Toolbar dialog.

- In the Recipients tab of the Customize Toolbar dialog, give flex to the list of address books/directory services so it will grow when the dialog is made taller, instead of that happening to the button palette.

- Fixed the ability to change address books/directories in the Recipients tab of the Customize Toolbar dialog and do searches on them which was broken by a change in Thunderbird 3.0b4.


- Default Reply-To: to be on the list of custom headers for filter matching.

- Now handling Junk score and attachment cases with auto-naming filters.

- No longer having user-entered filter names changed by auto-naming feature.


- Added a setting to the Penelope prefs panel for enabling/disabling loading of remote images.

- Added "Quit when main window closes" setting in the Penelope preferences panel, which controls whether the application quits when the user closes the "main" window. In 2-pane mode, the "main" window is the Mailboxes window, and in 3-pane mode it is the first mailbox window that was opened.

- Font size pref shouldn't be labels with "(pixels)" because the units are not pixels.

- Rearranged the Penelope pref panel into 2 tabs (Mailboxes and Miscellaneous) and moved settings around appropriately.

- Added "Italicize messages sent by me" to the Penelope pref panel.

- Clicking the Options/Preferences button on the Penelope extension in the Add-ons window now opens the Preferences window and switches to the Penelope panel.


- "Use indexed search" in the Search Messages window was removed due to a variety of issues. It will return in a future version. For now, use the "Search everywhere" feature in the mailbox toolbar.

- "Send Later" button/menu item renamed to "Queue" and "Send Unsent Messages" renamed to "Send Queued Messages", to be the same as Classic Eudora.

- Clicking on "Visit Home Page" on the right-click context menu of the Penelope extension in the Add-ons window now opens up the home page of the Penelope wiki.

- Redirect, Open Inbox, Open Outbox, Make Address Book Entry, and Help now work in standalone message windows in addition to mailbox windows.

- Fixed bug where detaching an attachment to a different filename than the one that it came with in the message wound up using the original filename.

- Hide accelerators in menu items that have been remapped to be removed.

- Disabled the accelerator for Insert->Link in composition windows because it conflicts with the Address Book one (Ctrl+L).

版本下載:Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 8

Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 7



- Search Messages now uses the fast index if turned on in the preferences,
Advanced->General->Enable Global Search and Indexer. The checkbox
"Use indexed search" in the Search Messages can be used to turn this on/off.

- Eudora now automatically checks if new versions are available. A manual
check can be done by going to the Help menu and selecting Check for Updates.


- Select newly inserted messages (FUMLUB) feature now selects end message if
there is no last unread block.

- Fixed bug where mailbox columns get set to the default every time a window is
opened. Now it just happens once on a per-mailbox basis.

- Thread column now shown by default for news windows.

- Added UI in the Penelope prefs panel to expose the setting that controls hiding
the tab if the there is only one in a mailbox window.

- No longer auto-opening Trash and Junk mailboxes when new messages arrive
in them.

- Restored functionality of In and Out toolbar buttons.

- Ctrl+0 is mapped to Reset Zoom in Thunderbird, and that conflicts with the
hotkey for open the Out mailbox in Penelope. So go rid of Thunderbird's key so
that Penelope's can function.

- Removed the Open messages in tabs preference because Thunderbird now has
a setting that controls that in Advanced->Reading & Display->Open messages in.

- The Backspace key now deletes a message in a mailbox window for Windows and
Linux (Mac Thunderbird already has this feature).


- Fix for bug where the saved window list get restored during non-startup times.

- Fixed bug where the about:config windows was being opened on restore when
the Pref window was opened.

- Activity Monitor, About, Error Console, and Venkman windows are now
saved/restored across sessions.


- Fixed the Contacts toolbar button in composition message windows, which wasn't
displaying the correct icon.


- Filter auto-naming now works correctly when using "Match all messages".

- Junk score and attachment conditions now used in auto-naming filters.


- Fixed problem where trying to find one-off imported folders for doing filter importing
and the name had changed from "Eudora Mail" to "Eudora Import".


- Renamed the thunderbird-branding.js file to all-eudora.js so that it takes precedence
over (i.e. is alphabetically before) the all-thunderbird.js pref file.

- Mail Start page wasn't showing up on Windows due to missing files in installer.

- Fixed up the URL portion of the SelectedTextURL entry for the Thesaurus.

- Localization of Penelope in to Russian by Alexander Slovesnik.

版本下載:Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 7

Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 6


Includes Penelope version 0.5a3.
Using Thunderbird 3.0b2 source code.
See for details.


- Better way to remember the states of the folder and thread panes when
switching between message and mailbox tabs.

- Added the pref "penelope.attachments.detachOnDblClick" which controls whether
double-clicking on attachments detaches them from the message or just opens
them. It is on (true) by default. There's UI for it in the Penelope
preferences panel.

- When pref for opening mailboxes in tabs is turned on, auto-open of mailboxes
will detect if the mailbox is already open in a tab and not open a new copy.

- Fixed bug where messages opened in tabs would not show the correct content if
the message pane was hidden in the folder view.

- Fixed the "important" tag from randomly appearing. This bug may still occur
to messages downloaded with Eudora 8 beta 5 or earlier. All messages
downloaded with Eudora 8 beta 6 or later should not see this problem.

- The Layout submenu in the View menu is now shown.

- Default pref to not show the about:rights notification bar.

- Changed the Archive menu item to use Ctrl/Cmd+ as a shortcut
instead of the plain "A" that Thunderbird uses.

- Now preventing auto-marked-as-read behavior when a message gets auto-selected
when switching tabs.


- Incorporated Add New Toolbar functionality in Formatting tab of the
Customize Toolbar dialog.

- Removed special toolbar items (separators, spaces, springs/flexible spaces)
from the Extras panel.

- Fixed bug where in a new installation you customize the toolbar and then hit
Cancel and the text on the toolbar buttons shows up.

- Customize Toolbar dialog now repositions when the toolbar changes.


- Fixed the auto-name filter feature when matching against tags.


- Fixed bug where attachments were not getting imported from Classic Mac Eudora.


- IMAP messages were getting expunged when they should not have.

- Longer line length for IMAP logging.


- Use of cmd+M to do a mail check improved.

- The pref directory for auto-saving attachments is now working.

- By default attachments are saved to the pref directory rather than asking for
a directory each time.

- Fixed some menu item conflicts which caused the Paste As Quotation menu item
to disappear from the Edit menu of composition windows. May also be the cause
of this bug:

- Removed phantom menu item in the Tools menu caused by id change.

版本下載:Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 6

Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 5


Includes Penelope version 0.5a2.
Using Thunderbird 3.0b1 source code.
See for details.


- "Show message preview pane" setting added to Penelope pref panel. If on
(which it is by default), then the preview pane is shown at its last saved
position. If it's off then both the preview pane and the splitter before it
are hidden.

- Fixed bug where double-clicking on a mailbox in a folder view other than
"All Folders" (i.e. "Unread", "Recent", or "Favorites") would not open the

- Added prefs for opening mailboxes/messages in tabs rather than separate

- Fix for Bug 466046 - MsgOpenNewTabForMessage() broken when specifying a

- Added middle click to open folder/message in a tab.

- Fixed bug 429440 - Preview pane must be visible for tabs to render.

- Tabs are now hidden in the Mailboxes window.

- Prevent opening windows in tabs in the Mailboxes window.

- Added mail.tabs.autoHide setting, which hides the tab if there is just one
in a window (default value is true).

- Fix for Alt+click for group selection causing the menu to get the focus.

- Fixed bug where double-clicking on the scroll bar of the thread pane would
cause a message to be opened in a new tab.

- Fixed Transfer menu and Transfer mailbox buttons on toolbar.

- Added shift key modifier to the Transfer menu items and toolbar buttons to
do copy vs. move.

- Holding down alt/option when clicking on an open mailbox toolbar button will
now do a transfer.

- Keep thread pane scrolled to same place when switching tabs and back.


- Fixes to Mac Customize Toolbar dialog to allow it to open multiple times.

- Added "Cancel" functionality to the Customize Toolbar dialog on the Mac.

- Added the Restore Default Set button to Windows and Linux Customize Toolbar

- The default Penelope toolbar doesn't show text on the buttons, so when
restoring the toolbar to the default state set the mode to icons only.

- Fixed bug 417081 - Send Later toolbar button mapped incorrectly


- Extra settings now imported from Classic Eudora: default mail check, mail
check interval, skip big messages, skip big message threshold, submission port
send, and SSL send and receive.


- Fix for Bug 369964 "subscribe to IMAP folders window doesn't allow subscribing
to folders below 2nd level". Turns out Exchange doesn't like LIST commands
without a trailing % on the path.


- Fixed open In/Out mailbox toolbar buttons.

- Added Babelfish language translation to the default list of Selected Text
URL tools.

版本下載:Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 5

Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 4


CHANGES IN 8.0.0b4

Includes Penelope version 0.5a1.
See for Penelope version notes.
Using Thunderbird 3.0a3 source code, which was a clone of comm-central. See
for details.


- Classic Eudora Redirect feature added. Acts like a Send Again, but the
Reply-To: header is set to be the sender of the original message so that any
replies to the redirected message get sent to the original sender. This allows
the user to edit the redirected message before sending, e.g. add additional

- Open windows are now saved between sessions. There is a known bug which is
that tabs are only restored on the first window.


- Mailboxes that receive new messages in them (e.g. from mail checks) now are
automatically opened. This is controlled by the penelope.mailbox.autoOpen
preference, and is easily changed via a checkbox in the Penelope panel of the
Preferences/Options dialog.

- When mailboxes are opened up they automatically select the first unread
message of the last unread block (FUMLUB). This is controlled by the
penelope.mailbox.selectFUMLUB preference, and is easily changed via a checkbox
in the Preferences/Options dialog.

- Mailbox window font name and size prefs, with new pref ids of and penelope.mailbox.font.size. The Penelope pref
panel has UI for changing them.

- Added a left margin to the start page so that it's not flush with the left
side of the window.

- In the Mailboxes window in 2-pane window mode, the splitter between the
folder pane and the thread/message panes is now hidden so it can't collapse
the folder pane.

- Fixed status bar flicker when the selection changes in the Mailboxes window.

- Fixed double-click/Enter to open mailbox.

- Fixed bug where the Mailboxes window was considered as an open window for the
mailbox which it currently had selected, causing it to get the focus when
trying to open that mailbox from another window.

- Fixed bug on Mac where holding down the Command key while hitting another
key (i.e. executing a shortcut) in a mailbox window would cause the selection
to change and thus execute the shortcut on a different message. The most
common occurrence of this was Command+R for replying.


- Added a manual filter context to filters. Now a filter can be specified as
working on incoming messages and/or manual filtering. Manual filtering is
performed either through the Tools->Run Filters on... menu items, or the
Run Now button in the Message Filters dialog.

- Added the menu item Tools->Run Filters on Selected Messages, which allows for
manual filtering on just the selected messages in a mailbox rather than all
messages in a mailbox, which is what Tools->Run Filters on Folder does.

- Added a "Don't ask me again" checkbox to the delete filter confirmation
dialog. If selected when a filter is deleted it sets the pref
mailnews.filters.confirm_delete, bypassing future warnings when deleting

- Filters without a user-specified name are now given a name based on the
first search term, rather than being generically named "Untitled Filter N".

- Now selecting the first filter in the list when opening the Message Filters

- Improvements to localization of filter importing changes.

- Listing filters in the UI as being able to be imported for Mac and Linux.

- Fixed bug where up/down accelerators toggled the enabled state on a filter.


- Fixed bug where importing of Eudora filters wasn't working with a
transfer/copy to mailbox action.

- Classic Eudora "Out" mailbox now correctly imported as "Sent" mailbox.

- When migrating Classic Eudora mailboxes with the names "In"/"Out" now
only translating names to "Inbox"/"Sent" if they are at the top level,
not in subfolders.

- Fixed bug where the list of data being imported during a full Eudora profile
migration was not shown while it happened.

- Now importing Classic Eudora personality settings to have new messages go in
to the global Inbox, rather than to the account-specific Inbox. This makes it
similar to Classic Eudora's behavior.

- All Classic Eudora personalities are now imported, and the dominant
personality is imported first so as to be the default account.

- Names of Classic Eudora personalities are now transferred to imported


- The View popup on the mailbox toolbar wasn't getting updated when the list
popped up. This made the "Not Deleted" view filter show up when it shouldn't
have, e.g. non-IMAP mailbox. Now it gets updated.

- Fixed the delete button on the toolbar so it uses the Eudora icon rather
than the Thunderbird version.

- File->Compact Folders button now able to be added to the toolbar.

- Address book entries now showing back up in the Recipients tab of the
Customize Toolbar dialog.

- Customize Toolbar dialog under Mac now closes. However, it is a known
issue that the dialog won't open up again after doing it once in a session.

- Fixed the recipient toolbar buttons so that they function properly.

- Send/Send Later button in composition window toolbars now shows the
"Send"/"Send Later" text to the right of the icon when the toolbar is set
to show text with the buttons.

- By default the composition window toolbar shows text with the buttons.


- Penelope strings localized in to Lithuanian by Rimas Kudelis .

- Now using the main Eudora icon for the icon in the Penelope prefs panel.

- New mail sound no longer gets overwritten on startup if the user changes it.

- To be consistent with Classic Eudora, the default way to forward a message
is with the original message being inline in the forwarded message.

- Moved the Selected Text URL menu items from the Tools menu to the Edit menu,
to be consistent with Classic Eudora.

- No longer requesting the IMAP capability command if the server announced it
in greetings.

- Mac installer dmg now has an alias to the Applications folder for easier
installation. There's also a new background image with an arrow indicating to
just drag and drop, without the English text.

- About Eudora dialog box made similar to the Thunderbird about box. Includes
copyright and user-agent string, which contains Thunderbird version in it.

版本下載:Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 4

Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 3


CHANGES IN 8.0.0b3
Includes Penelope version 0.1a22.
See for Penelope version notes.
Using Thunderbird 3.0a1pre trunk code as of 2007/10/19:

- A Linux version of Eudora is now available!
- If you select a minimum amount of text before replying to a message, the
reply will only quote the selected text.

- Mac OS X address book integration turned on by default.

- Importing mailboxes from Classic Mac Eudora is greatly improved.

- When importing filters from Classic Eudora, filter actions which are not
currently supported in Thunderbird are preserved so that when they are
supported in future versions of Thunderbird they will be available to the
- When importing Eudora settings, more settings are mapped to
corresponding Mozilla settings. All Eudora settings are stored for future
interpretation without re-importing.
- Fixed bug where Windows Eudora importing would not prompt user for
correct location of data when data is not found.
- Fixed logic reversal bug that caused both Mac and Windows Eudora
address book importing to fail.

- Fixes for a variety of problems with unified who column. Local
mailboxes now compare against all POP accounts. Cross-folder views
(e.g., saved searches) now correctly determine the folder for the messages.
The search dialog results panel now follows the useWhoColumn pref.

版本下載:Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 3

Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 2


CHANGES IN 8.0.0b2

Includes Penelope version 0.1a22.
See for Penelope version notes.
Using Thunderbird 3.0a1pre trunk code as of 2007/10/19:

The main change to Eudora is that it is now based on the trunk code of
Thunderbird: version 3.0a1pre. Some of the main new features of the trunk
Thunderbird are the tabs interface for mailboxes and messages (right-click and
select "Open in New Tab"), and the integration with the Mac OS X address book
(see for details).

版本下載:Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 2

Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 1


The following describes the changes in the software since Eudora 8.0. Separate
sections have been given to changes from each release since then. The changes
are only for Eudora and Penelope, and all changes made by Thunderbird are not
listed. Changes to Thunderbird can be found here:

CHANGES IN 8.0.0b1

Includes Penelope version 0.1a21.
Synced to the THUNDERBIRD_2_0_0_6_RELEASE code branch:


- Toolbar icons (and a few other icons) from the original Eudora were moved
to Penelope.

- Keyboard shortcuts from the original Eudora were moved to Penelope. You
can configure whether these shortcuts in Penelope or the original
Thunderbird ones are used in the Penelope panel of the Options/Preferences

- The menu structure of original Eudora has been copied to a great extent
in Penelope.

- Added the ability to display the list of mailboxes in a separate window
from the mailboxes themselves, which was similar to the original Eudora.
This can be configured in the Penelope panel of the Options/Preferences
dialog. Mailboxes opened in a separate window have their size/position
remembered and restored when opened up next.

- Double-clicking or hitting Enter/Return on a mailbox in the folders list
now opens up the mailbox in a separate window.

- The toolbar customization dialog was modified to be similar to the way it
was implemented in original Eudora.

- Modified the mailbox column headers to look like original Eudora's.

- The "Sender" column has been relabeled as "Who", and outgoing messages
display the name of the recipient there. This feature can be controlled by
the hidden pref "mail.useWhoColumn".

- You can quickly find messages in a mailbox by typing text in the list of
messages. As you type the selection in the mailbox will change based on
matching text in the Who and Subject fields. After finding a match you can
use the period key to find subsequent matches in the mailbox (and
Shift+period to find previous matches).

- Added the Group Select feature from original Eudora where if you hold down
the Alt key (option for Mac) and click the left mouse button down on an item
in the mailbox it will select all messages that have the same value as the
item clicked on, and all of those selected messages will be grouped together.
For example, Alt/option-clicking on the name of a sender of a message will
select all of the messages in that mailbox sent by that person, and move
the messages together. Note that the moving of messages in the mailbox list
will break the current sort of the mailbox. The Shift key can be used as a
modifier to make the selected messages remain in their original positions in
the mailbox list, and thus retain the current sort order.

- Importing mailboxes and messages from the original Eudora in to the new
Eudora has been substantially improved under Windows. Import times are now 5
times shorter. Basic message attributes and status are now maintained
(read/unread, priority, label). Inline images in messages now get moved over.
Includes fixes to the following bugs:
301188: "Import Eudora mail fails to find attachments in other directories"
368360: "Importer (Win Eudora, Mail) does not import mailboxes with unusual leading characters"
380408: "Mail Import Crashes with Divide by Zero"

- Now filters can be imported from original Eudora to the new Eudora. There
is not a one-to-one match up of original Eudora's filtering capabilities and
those found in Thunderbird, so not all filters will move over exactly.
Filters imported that will lose some capabilities will be warned about in a
list after the entire filter import process is complete. Also added was the
"Stop Filter Execution" action. This is the equivalent to original Eudora's
"Skip Rest" action which causes the filtering process to end for messages
that match the criteria in the filter with this action.

- Improvements to the importing of original Eudora Windows Address Books have
been made.
Includes fixes to the following bugs:
368626: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book). Mailing list nickname not assigned to 'nickname' in Penelope"
368630: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book). Variouos fields not mapped to Penelope Address Book fields"
368634: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book). Unable to import if Eudora is using '.nnt' format"
377816: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book) incorrectly adds additional entries when resolving nicknames in mailing lists"
377821: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book) fails to resolve nicknames with spaces when importing a mailing list"
377945: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book) misses information when importing an alias (mailing list with one entry)"

- Importing on the Mac now looks for a Eudora folder in the user's document
folder (i.e. ~/Documents) in addition to the System Folder and the System
Documents Folder.

- Added original Eudora-like IMAP auto-expunge behavior. This is controlled
by the hidden pref "mail.imap.expunge_option". It can have values for if
auto-expunging should occur never (0), always (1), or on a threshold (2). If
on a threshold is set, then auto-expunge will occur when there are at least
20 messages waiting to be expunged. The number of messages for that threshold
is actually controlled by the hidden pref "mail.imap.expunge_threshold_number".

- Added a "Refresh Folder List" item to the context menu for IMAP folders which
gets the current list of folders/mailboxes from the IMAP server and updates the
folder tree for that IMAP account.

- Added support for viewing only messages that are not deleted in IMAP
mailboxes. Use the "Not Deleted" item in the View->Messages menu or the
Mail Views control on the toolbar.

- New mail sound copied from original Eudora.

- Added "Make Address Book Entry" functionality (in Tools menu).

- Added the "SelectedTextURL" feature from original Windows Eudora, which allows
selected text to easily be inserted in to a URL and launched. Menu items for
them are located in the Tools menu, and they also get keyboard shortcuts
associated with them as well. Use the hidden prefs "penelope.selectedTextURL#",
where # is an increasing number in sequence. Here's the default values:
pref("penelope.selectedTextURL1", "Google,");
pref("penelope.selectedTextURL2", "Dictionary,");
pref("penelope.selectedTextURL3", "Thesaurus,");


- Fixed "Bug 161775 - Reply shouldn't quote inline attachments":

版本下載:Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 1



Eudora Beta

版本下載:Eudora Beta

Eudora Beta

版本下載:Eudora Beta
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