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HWiNFO 5.22

版本下載:HWiNFO 5.22

ZSNES 1.51

版本下載:ZSNES 1.51

Download Accelerator Plus

版本下載:Download Accelerator Plus

GetRight 6.5

版本下載:GetRight 6.5

GetRight 6.3e


* Fixed recover-lost making things uppercase (if done by double-clicking a .GetRight file.)
* Rename ReinstallVault to GetRight Vault, and making it more a "backup your downloads" service.
Also made clicking the vault button if it's not setup show a "Hide" option along with the "More Info",
Hiding removes the button and other vault things from the download status.
* Added a retry later to rename any files that didn't get the .GetRight removed.
Gives a minute or so for any file locking to have unlocked to try again.
Plus another try if you click the "Open this file" on the "finished a download" window too.
* Fixed disk-space-check for already segmented files
* Opera 9.5 passed extra "quotes" around URLs; fix to remove them.
* Changed a number of defaults (subscriptions off, games off/moved, some default toolbar button changes.)

版本下載:GetRight 6.3e

GetRight 6.3d


Many fixes and small improvements.

版本下載:GetRight 6.3d

GetRight 6.3c


Added a "Brand New User Wizard" and made a few changes to help get setup easier for a new GetRight user.

版本下載:GetRight 6.3c

GetRight 6.3b+2


# Added a "Brand New User" wizard. To help get some things setup right, test connections, introduce features, etc. A few had been in the older pre-InnoSetup installer, and others were prompts you could get. Combined them all into one nice little wizard to set them, and help new users find the right Config pages for more.
Anybody who isn't installing a brand new install (likely everybody here in the forum) can see it by running GetRight with the /NEWUSER command line item.
# Some BitTorrent fixes.
# Fixed to always use "Classic" graphics for Windows95/98/ME/NT4. They don't do the newer Alpha channel things so looked funny.
# Added a registry setting so you can change the place temp files are saved.

版本下載:GetRight 6.3b+2

GetRight 6.3b


6.3b: Fix a crash on startup for some people

版本下載:GetRight 6.3b

GetRight 6.3a


New installer tool.

版本下載:GetRight 6.3a

GetRight 6.3.4


* Fixed crash if tried to run a file from the History that had been deleted.
* Fix some text highlighting for FindFiles menus.
* Fix URLs added by scripts not refreshing the Download Status
* Added R-click on header lets you choose Download Status columns
* Fixed several things with InnoSetup installer. Uninstalling, right icons, digital signing.
Plus several improvements from Ricardo's custom GetRight installer :)

版本下載:GetRight 6.3.4

GetRight 6.3


# Alpha channels for many graphics...8 bits prettier!
# Added "Find Files" button to link to categories of software on FileMirrors
# Fixed issues with Vista/XP/2003 and DEP (Data Execution Protections.)
# Improvements that will help the IE integration with Vista.
# Added a message if privileges (from a Vista limited account) are preventing GetRight from deleting the Startup shortcut.
# Added a button on the Save As "Options" button window--to change the default folders--just is a shortcut to the right config page. (Had a couple people email they couldn't find where to change it...hopefully that's the sort of place they were looking.)
# Fixed how the port got cropped to por on the FTP Proxy tab.
# Fixed the .getright file type icon (fix is in the installers, so can't see in these test builds.)
# Fixed some images on the download window buttons when using the "classic" XP look or older versions of Windows.
# Fixed several BitTorrent things.
# Fixed download status menu/toolbar items not being grayed out correctly when opening.
# Fixed uninstalling old Opera plugins.
# Increased daily download registered user limit to 500
# Improved some podcast processing speeds and problems, especially for very large ones.
# Fixed HTTP proxy for FTP downloads.
# Fixed restoring window locations, X and Width was mixed up in one spot.
# Added so internal DNS cache is cleared every hour (to help with dynamic sites.)
# Fixed podcast downloader to handle some podcasts better (if new items are added at the bottom vs added at the top.)
# Changed the "shutdown when done" so the options (shutdown/hibernate/etc) are in the menus and toolbar button instead of on the Advanced tab.
# Adjusted the Schedule Start and Stop options to match the new Shutdown (so choices there too.)
# Fixed alignment on Import window.
# Added so Pro's Web Access can accept a list of URLs to add multiple downloads at once.
# Fixed some "classic" graphic items (didn't have them for Podcasts or Scripts).
# Fixed some XML processing for large XML files (Podcasts, Metalink, etc.)

版本下載:GetRight 6.3

GetRight 6.2a


# Fixes and visual improvements for Vista; better looking toolbar and graph colors.
# Fix how small files could show the byte size in the percent spot.
# Fix filefront downloads that all were named X6
# Added %TITLE% and %ITEMTITLE% as variable options for Podcast downloader default folders.
# Fixes for the Games button (hide better when a small window, fix missing icon in XP Classic look, etc.)

版本下載:GetRight 6.2a

GetRight 6.2


- Added Games button so you can play a game in the download window. Something to do rather than watch the progress bar moving!
- A variety of bug fixes.

版本下載:GetRight 6.2

GetRight 6.1


- When your download has finished, GetRight will show a simple tip window. Clicking the text or image will let you easily run the file. You can click the little buttons or right click the window for more options--such as to open the folder where the file was downloaded.
- Many BitTorrent improvements.
- Added support for the BitTorrent DHT Network protocol.
- Added GetRight Channels. Allows us to recommend things we use ourselves to you.
- A few fixes for Windows Vista.
- A variety of other fixes and improvements.

版本下載:GetRight 6.1
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