HWiNFO 5.22


HWiNFO 5.22

版本下載:HWiNFO 5.22

MetroTwit 1.1.0


- Updated to utilize Twitter API 1.1
- Added retweet blocking in searches
- Refreshed user interface style
- Many performance improvements
- Fixed crash when displaying some Unicode tweets with usernames, hashtags or links
- Changed layout for consistency with Twitter’s new display guidelines
- Changed default notifications to only mentions and direct messages
- Added native Twitter picture, YouTube, Instagram, SkyDrive previews
- Added support for native Twitter Pic upload (existing users must change their Services setting)
- Added support for SHIFT+mouse for horizontal scroll
- Added support for Microsoft .NET 4.5
- Added checkbox option for pressing ENTER to send tweet
- Added user avatar to notifications
- Added “unsubscribe” to followed lists
- Changed all API endpoints to SSL
- Removed hover-to-expand shortened URLs
- Removed “public tweets” and “retweets by me” columns as they are no longer supported by Twitter
- Fixed tweet counter for new URL length
- Fixed deleting direct messages
- Fixed possible crash when resuming app from extended idle
- Fixed issue when typing and pressing ENTER to quickly submitting incomplete tweet
- Improved handling of Twitter rate limit and Twitter API errors
- Fixed report tweet as spam error
- Fixed filtering text in URLs
- Fixed showing blocked users in lists
- Fixed geotagged Tweet map not displaying correct location
- Fixed more clicking unread marker that caused app to crash
- Fixed significant performance and memory issues
- Removed support for Windows XP
- Fixed update changelog not displaying
- Fixed not being to add or remove accounts in certain scenarios
- Fixed sent DMs show as unread
- Fixed Windows 8 Aero coloring
- Added window border to Windows 8
- Fixed crash if Twitter entities not returning properly
- Fixed notifications grouping if notification already showing
- Fixed ads not displaying properly
- Fixed sometimes clicking links in notifications opening two browser windows
- Fixed crashing when scrolling with unread marker or PageUp/PageDown
- Fixed “added to list” grammar in activities
- Fixed long “my list” names
- Fixed “Worldwide” trend to top of trends list dropdown

版本下載:MetroTwit 1.1.0

MetroTwit 1.0.1


* Added CTRL+D keyboard shortcut for tweet favoriting
* Added show retweets option for list columns
* Added color accent previews
* Fixed user profile long bios to fixed size
* Fixed daily and weekly trends
* Fixed favoriting own tweets not showing star
* Fixed rare crash on application close
* Fixed some columns incorrectly adding to taskbar count
* Fixed filtering not accepting multiple words
* Fixed “My retweets” column not showing clickable links
* Fixed ads refresh rate for multiple account users
* Attempted fix for crashing when blocking users
* Fixed crashing when Twitter application access revoked for any application
* Attempted fix for media previews to fit in very small displays
* Fixed left/right arrow crashing when switching to empty column
* Fixed rare crash on removing accounts
* Fixed “open in browser” opening blank tabs
* Fixed multiple Twitter activities duplication after multiple streams running
* Fixed backlog flushing crash
* Fixed rare inline error crash
* Fixed rare media preview crash
* Fixed block user tweets showing in search
* Fixed removing corrupted cache items
* Fixed blocked users retweets showing up in columns
* Attempted fix for aggregate exceptions crashes
* Attempted fix null twitter stream event
* Fixed ad “share tweet” not working
* Fixed changing themes causes new tweets to not be rendered
* Attempted fix for crash with status deleted collection
* Fixed settings multi-account horizontal scrolling overflow
* Fixed combobox dark theme color for Windows 8 Aero Basic
* Fixed Aero theme changing
* Fixed TwitLonger setting not saving
* Fixed infinite loop CPU/API usage when viewing conversation of protected account
* Fixed random white pixels in UI caused by planets aligning and WPF
* Fixed settings screen hiding sidebar preview when no image selected

版本下載:MetroTwit 1.0.1

MetroTwit 1.0.0


* Added multiple account support
* Added support for filtering
* Added new out-of-box-experience for first time users
* Added ability to preview larger user avatars
* Added undo tweet functionality
* Added Twitter events support for user follows, list membership and tweet favorites
* Added support for adding users to lists
* Added user full name to username autocomplete
* Added CTRL+F shortcut to quickly activate search
* Added remove column confirmation
* Added faux border for when DWM shadows are not available
* Added sidebar artwork
* Added “compact sidebar” functionality
* Added button to indicate custom column sizing
* Added CTRL+TAB shortcut to switch between accounts
* Added left/right arrow shortcut to navigate columns
* Added add to filter shortcut by right clicking on hashtags and usernames
* Added double-click column heading shortcut to scroll to top and mark tweets as read
* Added “duplicate tweet “error message
* Added ability to mention user from profile options
* Added inline errors to application and columns
* Added error prompt about Windows 8 compatibility
* Changed media preview to NoEmbed (work in progress, stylings incomplete)
* Changed code signing certificate to Comodo (Will prompt install)
* Changed “What’s happening” text to include account name
* Changed settings default to not show “name of Twitter application”
* Changed empty tweet columns to show “No tweets” message
* Changed restart button in update screen to be at top of screen (will show on next update)
* Changed unread marker to be smaller in scrollbar and scrollbar thumb to be larger
* Changed default URL shortening to native
* Changed retweeted by tooltip to include username text
* Updated visual style of buttons in light theme
* Removed favorite button from tweet on hover
* Removed “public” column due to Twitter announcing it would discontinue it
* Fixed direct message permalink not going to useful URL
* Fixed direct messages displaying weirdly if text included &
* Fixed potential crash with notifications
* Fixed international characters when typing hashtags
* Fixed typing illegal characters in username search
* Fixed possible crash when user cache was updated while new tweet was received
* Fixed usernames, hashtags and URLs appearing broken in user profile bios
* Fixed favorite columns to support infinite scroll
* Fixed username/hashtag parsing to conform to latest Twitter guidelines
* Fixed empty search results for random corrupt results from Twitter
* Fixed changing reply tweet to direct message does not send
* Fixed large progress bars under Windows 8 Aero Lite
* Fixed dark theme autocomplete black text under Windows 8 Aero Lite
* Fixed “favourite tweet” in context menu (for our bureaucratic American buddies)
* Fixed hashtags and usernames not displaying properly in some search column tweets
* Fixed blank search columns do not get refreshed
* Fixed rare cache issue causing 100% CPU load at startup
* Fixed retweets not showing usernames/full name as per display setting
* Fixed potential crash caused by AddInProcess
* Fixed crash when horizontal scrolling with Logitech or Apple mouse drivers
* Changed MetroTwit server API calls to HTTPS for enhanced privacy
* Fixed changing themes sometimes wouldn’t show dialog
* Fixed adding image to tweet ensure URL has prepend space
* Fixed notification crash if set to monitor which has been disconnected
* Fixed closing window when maximized overriding the restored window size
* Fixed minimize and restore resizing bug
* Fixed MetroTwit not displaying on same-resolution secondary displays if no longer connected
* Fixed window maximizing issue with multi-monitors
* Fixed streaming error text
* Tweaked calendar blackout to use cursor instead of cross
* Fixed links not opening in browser for notifications of search columns
* Removed popup column animation to improve performance
* Fixed twitlonger showing up when character count was less than 140 using native shortening
* Fixed direct messages not showing both username/full name
* Fixed rare Aero Snap issues

版本下載:MetroTwit 1.0.0

MetroTwit 0.9.3


- Fixed view conversation to display tweets instantly than waiting for whole thread
- Changed URL shortening setting to show native Twitter URL shortening
- Fixed pause columns utilizing the new backlog functionality
- Fixed URLs not counting correctly in tweet compose box
- Fixed media preview for very small images not appear tiny
- Fixed MetroTwit Plus verification to email addresses with “plus” symbols
- Fixed context-menu text appearing black on dark theme for Windows 8 Aero Basic users
- Fixed changing themes leading to columns no longer adapting to resizing
- Fixed media preview crashing for corrupt images
- Changed Proxlet naming in settings to generic “API Proxy”
- Fixed copying tweets with square brackets becoming HTML entities
- Attempted fix at profile corruption issue by reducing the number of save points
- Added pasting links prepend space before to prevent unclickable links
- Fixed duplicate tweets when resuming from Twitter streaming disconnect
- Added support for profile updating event from Twitter streaming
- Fixed high DPI bug popup column positioning
- Tweaked inline popup positioning logic when the screen might not fit
- Fixed copying expanded URL overriding normal URL
- Fixed popup column crashing if closing while moving back
- Fix blocked users tweet being retweeted in the timeline
- Fixed tweet buttons disabled if sending tweet failed once
- Fixed notification toast to show at least two lines of text with RT
- Optimized media preview to not jitter at launch
- Fixing resizing bug if lots of columns displayed
- Changed MetroTwit Plus verification failing on some locales
- Tweaked ad refresh cycle now adaptive to inactive/idle application
- Attempt to fix tweet fade in animation which caused invisible tweets
- Removed the retweet grouping functionality which deleted the original tweet
- Removed arrows and animations from popups for performance
- Fixed a popup column positioning bug after cycling back/forward
- Fixed popup column might appear out of screen
- Fixed URL displays to new Twitter format
- Added support for Twitter entities in Twitter searches
- Swapped RT/refresh icons to be more consistent with UI standards
- Changed profile column layout
- Fixed tweets appearing out of order when streaming
- Added new sign-in experience to simplify the Twitter OAuth process
- Added error if computer time is off and streaming cannot connect
- Fixed trends showing selected location name by accident
- Fixed media previews to use new service
- Fixed taskbar notification not updating after settings change
- Added a tip to bypass media preview
- Changed style of overlays, introduced popup column overlay
- Tweaked size of popup columns
- Fixed pressing “c” accidentally closing windows

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.9.3

MetroTwit 0.9.2


* Added “save search”, “remove saved search” and recent searches functionality
* Added local/weekly/daily trends support
* Added new and more reliable “keep scroll at top” behavior
* Fixed “show all replies from friends” option not working
* Fixed favorites column constantly refreshing
* Fixed support for GIF images in media uploading
* Fixed profile avatar disappearing after tweeting
* Fixed support for horizontal mouse tilting to scroll left/right in columns
* Fixed rare media popup window crashing on load
* Fixed invalid focus of tweet box after sending a tweet
* Fixed notifications positioning away from bottom corners
* Tweaked button design style
* Tweaked direct message layout style
* Tweaked ad display style
* Fixed “Find API key” link
* Fixed “service disrupted” typo

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.9.2

MetroTwit 0.9.1


* Added advanced search builder for complex searches
* Fixed media preview descriptions with clickable links
* Changed unread marker to be more visible on top of scrollbar
* Changed ad colours to use accent color and added label
* Changed layout design on popups to improve performance
* Improved network performance when communicating to Twitter and services
* Fixed issues with proxies using Basic or Integrated Authentication (new Settings for Basic Proxies)
* Fixed corrupted settings or cache files crashing MetroTwit
* Fixed a number of window position and sizing problems on startup and maximise
* Fixed infinite scrolling on profile columns
* Fixed issue with tweets being removed incorrectly from columns
* Fixed issue with saving settings very quickly after opening
* Fixed profile popup when opening from Incoming/Outgoing Friendship request
* Fixed link displays from Twitter without http://
* Fixed issues causing avatars to not download or cache correctly
* Fixed URL Shortening with special characters
* Fixed mark all as read and unread marker not updating
* Fixed timestamp to use Windows regional setting
* Fixed update dialog for small screen resolutions
* Fixed rare autocomplete crashing
* Fixed rare notification crashing
* Fixed popup errors stacking if sign in failed

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.9.1

MetroTwit 0.9.0 Beta


* Introducing ads and MetroTwit Plus
* Countless performance improvements and tweaks
* Added backlog feature to collate streaming updates for a single update
* Added support for selectable tweet font sizes
* Added ability to “undo retweets”
* Added loading animation to tweet columns
* Added pause indicator to columns that are paused
* Added support for viewing follow requests for private accounts
* Added ability to disable link shortening
* Added “copy tweet link” to tweet context menu
* Added grouping of retweets
* Added ability to rename columns
* Added verified account icon to tweet columns
* Changed style of tweet metadata and buttons to be more streamline
* Improved “keep scroll when refreshing” behavior
* Reduced tweet duplications in alerts and notifications
* Enhanced secure encryption of OAuth token
* Fixed Unicode text in tweets could exceed boundary of tweet
* Fixed Twitter sign in crashing when user’s computer time is not correct
* Fixed Twitter trends display
* Fixed username autocomplete behavior to be more consistent with non-alphanumeric characters
* Fixed support for Microsoft Mouse back button in popup columns
* Fixed ClearType not displaying for popup columns
* Fixed showing retweets in notifications
* Fixed pasting text from OneNote
* Fixed accidentally sending tweets while “shortening” URLs
* Fixed not being able to send multi-line tweets
* Fixed Twitter usernames not showing on search columns when display set to “full name only”
* Fixed high DPI issues for first-launch and popups

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.9.0 Beta

MetroTwit 0.8.1 Beta


* Fixed rare reconnect/disconnect issues with streaming
* Fixed authentication issues behind proxy
* Fixed restart after applying update (will take effect next update)
* Fixed popup columns appearing misplaced
* Fixed rare empty mentions column
* Fixed retweet count to be more consistent
* Fixed rare crash with autocomplete
* Fixed maximized window overlapping auto-hidden Windows taskbar
* Removed WhatTheTrends support (too unreliable)

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.8.1 Beta

MetroTwit 0.8.0 Beta


* Fixed streaming columns not updating after a while
* Fixed username autocomplete not working
* Fixed pro not working correctly
* Added Twitter streaming API support for friends, mentions and DM columns
* Added unread marker and unread scroll jump-to
* Added scroll to top shortcut by clicking column title
* Added keyboard and mouse “back” button support for popup columns
* Added new tweet animation for fluid scroll
* Added “Retweeted by” grouping to native retweets in mentions
* Added request for new direct message permission due to Twitter policy change
* Added support for pro
* Fixed columns with Twitter Photo links appearing blank
* Fixed “keep scroll position when refreshing” to be more consistent
* Fixed many memory leaks
* Fixed loading image previews would freeze the application
* Fixed TwitPic image uploading failing intermittently
* Fixed ability to incorrectly retweet protected tweets
* Fixed hashtag autocomplete to not insert by default
* Fixed “forget account” not working in unauthorized dialog
* Fixed loading speed of settings page
* Changed design to optimize for negative space
* Changed “keep scroll position when refreshing” to default to off
* Changed default image provider for new users to “yFrog”

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.8.0 Beta

MetroTwit 0.7.1 Beta


- Fixed in-app updater not automatically checking for updates and applying updates
- Fixed not able to copy direct messages and tweets in search columns
- Fixed favourites column not displaying any tweets
- Fixed username autocomplete not properly populated
- Fixed autocomplete not automatically scrolling to selected item
- Fixed user avatars randomly failing to display
- Fixed “Follow” button appearing on own profile
- Fixed crash when viewing conversations from search columns

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.7.1 Beta

MetroTwit 0.7.0 Beta


* Fixed crashing when displaying video media previews (ex. YouTube)
* Added previews for third-party media services (ex. YouTube, TwitPic)
* Added inline popup UI elements for non-modal workflow
* Added icon to timeline to indicate tweet from protected account
* Added ability to block/report user when viewing tweets
* Changed styling of various controls to be more consistent with Metro design style
* Changed styling of retweet label to be less distracting
* Changed copying tweet text to include author username
* Fixed memory leaks after displaying notifications
* Fixed removing tweets from blocked/reported users
* Fixed losing keyboard focus when writing new tweet
* Fixed saving tweet read state across sessions
* Fixed pinning not immediately displaying the column
* Fixed autocomplete not selecting the optimal result
* Fixed styling of popup columns to stand out more
* Fixed adding/editing trends not displayed correctly
* Fixed popup columns not aligned correctly under high DPI
* Fixed various elements not displaying correctly under high DPI
* Fixed mark tweet as read not working if selected tweet was a retweet
* Fixed being able to pin a conversation column
* Fixed touch panning support in settings
* Fixed some scenarios where direct messages would not send
* Fixed bug consuming excessive Twitter API calls when composing direct messages
* Fixed “Find API key” link for URL shorteners not working

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.7.0 Beta

MetroTwit 0.6.1 Beta


* Temporarily suspending 140proof ads – please read MetroTwit blog for more information
* Fixed memory leak with popup columns not closing correctly
* Fixed ENTER to submit tweet not working if autocomplete is disabled
* Fixed inconsistency of “View conversation” icon in profile columns
* Added “Copy expanded URL”
* Tweaked “Keep selected scroll position when refreshing” to show at least one new tweet

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.6.1 Beta

MetroTwit 0.6.0 Beta


* Added 140proof integration to support future development efforts
* Fixed popup column positioning when using a high DPI setting
* Fixed multi-monitor oddities with popup columns
* Fixed “keep scroll position when refreshing” logic to be predictable
* Fixed quoting a retweet with special text characters
* Fixed Aero Snap sometimes accidentally triggering when clicking the top bar
* Fixed tweeting character count to improve responsiveness of typing
* Fixed Twitter sign in timeout not handled correctly
* Fixed user profiles to be collapsible
* Fixed pasting clipboard images from Paint appearing solid white
* Fixed linebreaks for update release notes (will take effect next update)
* Fixed rare crash at launch when constructing autocomplete collection

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.6.0 Beta

MetroTwit 0.5.1 Beta


* Fixed usernames, links and hashtags not appearing in list and favorite columns
* Fixed clicking hashtags not including the “#” when searching
* Fixed popup columns now correctly size content
* Fixed conversation views from not showing tweets in some scenarios
* Fixed canceling Twitlonger no longer disables the tweet button
* Fixed crash when copying text from tweets
* Fixed rare crash when notifications close

版本下載:MetroTwit 0.5.1 Beta
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