mrViewer 4.1.2


mrViewer 4.1.2


Updated FFMPEG to a later (almost latest) version.
Improvements to channel/layer usage per request from Dominik Pott:
Next/Previous channel hotkeys are less granular. They now jump RGBA channel groups.
Switching to the Z channel no longer breaks the hotkeys of RGBA.
Channel names are now sorted according to function (ex. XYZ, RGB, etc ).
Precaching now starts from the current frame, not from the start.
Changing channels past the last or first channel loops to the beginning and to the end channels respectively.
There's a new hotkey (e) to toggle two channels for easy comparison.
The cache now respects the IN/OUT points in the timeline and won't cache further than that, except it has already been cached.
The hotkeys have been changed so that 'c' always brings you to the color image, while r,g,b change based on what group of channels you have selected ( N, P, etc ).
On Windows, the file requester is the native one by default now. This effects both loading and saving. Note that if you have preferences saved, you will need to remove it for this to take effect or save a new preferences with the native switch on.
Bug fixed EXR saver to not repeat main layer name twice and breaking the multipart saving.

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mrViewer 4.1.1


Bug fixed switching FG/BG images where the start/end frames were different. Previously, this would lead to a hang.
Improved playback of short FG in loop with a long clip in BG. Previously, this would lead to a crash or to a mutex lock.
Removed the final code in time2frames() which was wrong and causing havok.
Fixed a memory leak in loop playback.
Updated oiio and oiiotool to the latest prerelease version. Note that on windows 32 bits, the code does not use SIMD optimizations.
Added Libs that OIIO is compiled with to the About window of mrViewer.

版本下載:mrViewer 4.1.1

mrViewer 4.1.0


Bug fixes to the choco installer and uninstaller. The installer now modifies the machine PATH instead of the user PATH variable. It also creates the shortcut in the All Users/Desktop. And it creates a shortcut in the Common Start Menu.
Added a Image->Switch FG/BG Images to toggle the foreground and background images, for easy comparing of two sequences and keep the same frame around.
Added a shortcut 'j' to switch (jump) between FG and BG images. This is to be used to keep the same frame in both the FG and BG. Otherwise, only the FG image drives the same frame.
Bug fixed a seek issue when setting BG image. The playback and stepping among frames would not work anymore.
Bug fixed a crash in EDL Edit window when dropping a clip onto a new track.
Removed the message of already created OCIO transform as it was too verbose.
Bug fixed a playback hanging when in EDL mode, after stopping a short sequence or movie file and continuing it later on. The playback would not continue to the next image in the sequence.
Bug fixed changing FPS in EDL mode. The playback would get corrupted. This change reverts looping working in time instead of frames, as it was that change that was causing problems.

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mrViewer 4.0.9


A bug fix release to playback of movies with sound in loop, which was crashing v4.0.6 and later.
Bug fixed pixel ratio not being correct and being applied twice.

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mrViewer 4.0.8


Made HEVC saver report a HVC1 fourcc so that Apple products will recognize them and show a thumbnail.
Made Z Depth be reported as "Z" only, as that makes it work on different languages when saving EXRs.
Bug fixed Z channel selection being chosen as Color.
Made OIIO iff saver save only up to 16-bits, as float is not supported. Note that OIIO's IFF saver does not support Z channel.
Added --stereo-input flag to command-line. It works just like --stereo-output flag but for the stereo input.
Bug fixed X and Y flips which got broken in a previous build.
Bug fixed pixel aspect ratio being applied twice.

版本下載:mrViewer 4.0.8

mrViewer 4.0.7


Added support for libraw in oiiotool on Windows. This allows us to support dng, cr2, etc. formats.
Added oiiotool to Linux distribution.
Added support for ffmpeg in oiiotool. This allows using oiiotool for ffmpeg input formats to extract single frames and process them.
Added --stereo-output flag to command line. This controls the stereo output setting when loading a stereo set of images. Options are: Left view, Right view, Top/bottom, Bottom/top, Left/right, Right/left, Even/odd rows, Even/odd columns, Checkerboard pattern, Red/cyan glasses, Cyan/red glasses.
Reverted the change to timecode/timeline accepting view shortcuts as it was causing conflict with the presentation mode.
Improved loading of IFF images to not consume so much memory. They will no longer load as float images, but as 8 bits or 16 bits images. Also bug fixed the RLE decoding.
Added support for Z depth channel in maya IFF files.
Improved channel toggling to not conflict with image loaders. This is mainly an internal change.
Bug fixed saving of unknown channel name in OpenEXR saver.

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mrViewer 4.0.6


Bug fixed looping in movies with an In/Out points. Now the looping is more frame accurate.
Further improved playback of two video tracks as stereo 3d.
Improved timecode/frame, timeline widgets allowing all the shortcuts of the main image view.
Made LUT be on as a default option and the 8 bits OCIO default be sRGB. This change is only present if starting mrViewer without preferences set. Remove the prefs file from $HOME/. filmaura. It makes 8 bit formats (png, jpeg, etc) behave like expected under the nuke-default ocio config, while linear formats like HDR, OpenEXR, etc. behave also well. This change is to make mrViewer behave with LUTs just as when it was using gamma 2.2 only.
Made Active Views' environment variable OCIO_ACTIVE_VIEWS return sRGB, rec709, Film, Log, Raw or None in that order on linux as the active_view setting in the yaml config.ocio file was not respected on that platform. This is a bug fix work-around.

版本下載:mrViewer 4.0.6

mrViewer 4.0.5


Bug fixed a crash when reading corrupt EXR files.
Reversed the order of lut baking/gamma change in MIFF, TIFF, PIC and PSD.
Removed a debugging message printing "f " and the frame when playback started.
Improved performance of ocio baking by avoiding gamma changes too, unless they are needed.
Added T (toggle lut) shortcut to list of shortcuts.
Added Ctrl+p (toggle pixel ratio) to list of shortcuts.
Made the S and E buttons (and the corresponding I and O shortcuts) set the start/end frame of the timeline but not by shrinking the timeline, but by highlighting the area instead.
This is a preference option in:

版本下載:mrViewer 4.0.5

mrViewer 4.0.4


When lut is active, saving to a MIFF, TIFF, PNG, PIC and PSD will bake the lut in the picture.
Made lut more verbose, printing out the lut when it is not created, too.
Bug fixed alpha channel presence in imagemagick wand loader. Previously, it would tag all images with alpha channel and lead to reporting of colors to 0 premult when no alpha was there.
Made saving of TIFF and PNG several times faster.
Added support for alpha channel in YUVA movies, even if a shader is not available. This allows viewing the alpha channel of ProRes 4444 movies.
Added saving of alpha channel when codec is prores_ks and YUV format is YUV444.
Bug fixed stereo display of inferior/superior which was placing both images one on top of each other.
Bug fixed stereo looping of image sequences. Previously the loop would not happen. Looping of two movie tracks or movies was okay.

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mrViewer 4.0.3


Bug fixed jpeg loader (ffmpeg) to support .jpeg extension besides jpg.
When lut is active, saving to a movie file will now bake the OCIO transforms. As the best movie depth is 16bits, the baking is not perfect, thou, so you might find color incongruencies.

版本下載:mrViewer 4.0.3

mrViewer 4.0.2


Bug fixed GLSL 2.0 YCrCbA shader to not throw a syntax error. This makes mrViewer's YUVA work with other graphic cards other than NVidia (ATI/AMD, Intel, etc). Note that the YUVA mrViewer pipeline has not been developed yet.
Added some changes to OpenGL color selection in Windows to to avoid a conflict with Windows 7's Aero.
Removed rpath from IlmCtl and IlmCtlSimd libraries, as it was not allowing LD_LIBRARY_PATH to work properly.

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mrViewer 3.9.2

版本下載:mrViewer 3.9.2

mrViewer 3.9.1

版本下載:mrViewer 3.9.1

mrViewer 3.9.0

版本下載:mrViewer 3.9.0

mrViewer 3.8.8

版本下載:mrViewer 3.8.8