Network Inventory Advisor 5.0.155

Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor 5.0.155


Network Inventory Advisor is a admin tool that is ideal to audit all network software and hardware both quickly and efficiently. By running Network Inventory Advisor you can view all of your network assets, scan them and construct ready-to-use reports.

With an automated, agent-free network scanner, such as Network Inventory Advisor, you can control and reduce your IT costs. It allows you to easily track all hardware changes, audit software licenses and collect invaluable network data. With a high-end network audit app like this, you can manage Windows, Mac OS, and Linux nodes and other network devices, all from one place.

Network Inventory Advisor is able to detect all software installed across devices on your network. It can automatically track versions, install dates, publisher information and other relevant software data. You can also add custom data, such as service tags, inventory numbers, and locations etc. The app can be configured to produce various alerts on important changes in your network as well.

Network Inventory Advisor is quite a handy tool to have in your admin arsenal. It can gather data on all kinds of various software and hardware across your network. With it, you can check a computer’s memory, peripherals and other hardware details, all remotely, without manually checking on individual machines. You can even plan and execute mass RAM upgrades, and operating system rollouts.

Network Inventory Advisor can also be configured to produce a number of pre-defined reports. You can choose from reports such as ‘logged on users in your network’, ‘network inventory report’, ‘hard drive usage’, and ’antivirus protection status.’ Network Inventory Advisor also allows you to create your own customizable detailed or tabular network reports, which can be sorted, exported (to Excel, SQL, etc) and printed when you need it.

檔案版本 Network Inventory Advisor 5.0.155
檔案名稱 network_inventory_advisor.exe
檔案大小 15.09MB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 商業試用
更新日期 2018-10-24

Added: Network tree now supports subgrouping.
Added: Information on Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is now displayed in snapshots and in Tabular reports.
Added: Collection of Autodesk MSSA license codes.
Improved: User interface loads much faster when working with large networks.
Improved: Custom fields experience is greatly improved.
Fixed: Scheduled “Software by title” reports didn’t contain all items.
Fixed: Some nodes had an unneeded prefix in the network tree.
Fixed: Random freezing at 99% while creating a summary.
Fixed: Import of saved network scans from network repository.
Fixed: Unnecessary repeated nodes scanning when building a report.
Fixed: When a manually created node was moved to another group its data was cleared.

作者 Clearapps
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