NK2Edit 3.38

Nir Sofer

NK2Edit 3.38


Added 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' to the 'Column Settings' window.

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.38

NK2Edit 3.37


Fixed the 'Convert EX To SMTP' feature to work properly with 'GOOG' records.

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.37

NK2Edit 3.36


Fixed the Raw Text Edit Mode to use the appropriate font size in high DPI mode.

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.36

NK2Edit 3.35


Added 'Quick Filter' feature (View -> Use Quick Filter or Ctrl+Q). When it's turned on, you can type a string in the text-box added under the toolbar and NK2Edit will instantly filter the AutoComplete items, showing only items that contain the string you typed.

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.35

NK2Edit 3.30


Fixed issue:
NK2Edit failed to set the sending format for SMTP record converted from EX record ('Convert EX to SMTP' option and EXToSMTP script command).
Also, the sending format of the SMTP records created by the 'Convert EX to SMTP' option (and EXToSMTP script command) is now 'Automatic' (In Previous versions, the sending format was 'Outlook Rich Text' due to the specified bug...).

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.30

GOM Player


Enhanced playback performance:
Supports 24-bit, 32-bit high-quality sound addition.
Support for additional audio codecs for various audio formats.
Support for MusePak 7, Monkey's lossless codec.
Improved external codec stability.
Improvement of function:
Remove GOM Remote popup and Subtitle Search window.
We will provide better function in the future.
Provides tooltip for playback location when mouse over on the GOM Player Touch Skin Controller.
When installing the GOM Player, add the WEBM file icon to the GOM Player.
Change the default setting of the 'Maintain play speed' option from 'Do not keep' to 'Keep'.
Removed 'Uninstall' tap in Preferences.
VOC and Bug Fixes:
Fixed an error related to Sub size in control window in version 2.3.12.
Fixed an play time error-related in MKV file.
Fixed an crash error in list-related in A-B repeat window.
Fixed a problem in GOM Remote, VR 360 guide notation.
Modify the menu to appear when you right-click on the mini-web and the bottom text ad area.
Fixed Layered Windows subtitle guidelines in BorderlessMode.
Fixed BorderlessMode afterimage problem.
Fixed a problem where VSUtil was not deleted when uninstalling.

版本下載:GOM Player

NK2Edit 3.27


- Added 'Auto Size Columns On File Load' option (Under View menu).

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.27

NK2Edit 3.26


- Added /import_from_message_store command-line option, which saves the AutoComplete data stored inside the message store (PST file or Exchange server) of the current Outlook profile to the specified file. (This option is the opposite of /export_to_message_store )

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.26

NK2Edit 3.25


- Added 'Import From Message Store' option under the File menu, which loads the AutoComplete data directly from the message store (PST file or Exchange server) of the current Outlook profile. (This option is the opposite of 'Export To Message Store')
- You can now use the /LogFile command-line option without any other command (For creating a log file while using the GUI)

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.25

NK2Edit 3.21


- The search/replace records are now marked with a darker color. It's also possible to set the search/replace text/background colors from the .cfg file (SearchReplaceBackColor and SearchReplaceTextColor values).

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.21

NK2Edit 3.20


- Added new option: 'EX Records AutoFill - Drop Trailing Numbers'. If this option is turned on while NK2Edit automatically fills the 'Search String' and 'Drop-Down Name' fields of MS-Exchange record, trailing numbers are removed from the user name. For example, if the email string is "/o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=John Doe234", the 'Search String' field set by NK2Edit will be 'John Doe' instead of 'John Doe234'.
- Added 2 new optional parameters to the Add command of NK2Edit scripts: 'Drop-Down Name' and 'Search String'. For example: Add "EX" "/o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=John Doe1" "John Doe" 0 "John Doe <John Doe>" "John Doe"

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.20

NK2Edit 3.16


- Added SHA-256 digital signature, in order to avoid error messages on Windows 7 or later.

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.16

NK2Edit 3.15


- You can now use 'And' in the 'If' command of NK2Edit script. For example, in order to delete EX records that their SMTP address is empty:
if SMTPEmail Equal "" And AddressType Equal "EX" delete.

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.15

HWiNFO 5.22

版本下載:HWiNFO 5.22

NK2Edit 3.12


- Added 'New NK2Edit Instance' under the File menu, for opening a new window of NK2Edit.

版本下載:NK2Edit 3.12