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PDF Shaper Free

PDF Shaper Free 8.9


PDF Shaper Free 8.9


New Features
Added Hebrew translation.

Updated help and translations.
Improved text extraction.

Bug Fixes
Fixed bug with converting PDF using command line.
Resolved problem with encoding in Turkish translation.
Minor user interface fixes.

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 8.9

PDF Shaper Free 8.8


New Features:
Added Japanese translation.
Re-designed "List" view.

Updated translations.
Improved text extraction.
Improved error detection in Merge tool.
Improved enumeration method for big PDF files (>100 pages).
DOC to PDF updates:
Improved support for color pattern object.
Improved support for font files.
Improved support for picture cropping.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug with resizing main window.
Minor user interface fixes.

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 8.8

PDF Shaper Free 8.7


New Features
Option to preserve text layout in text utilities.
Option to set metadata in "Image to PDF" and "Encrypt" tools.

Updated installer and translations.
Updated text extraction method.
Updated enumeration method for file names.
Improved CPU usage while loading and processing PDF files.
DOC to PDF updates:
Improved support for complex table structure.
Improved support for list formatting.
Improved support for text line spacing.

Bug Fixes
• Resolved minor problem with Unicode characters.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 8.7

PDF Shaper Free 8.4


New Features:
Option to integrate PDF Shaper into shell.
Option to load file list from command line.
Option to crop page using percent units.
Option to set margins in Crop PDF tool.
Log file (log.txt) for command line operations.
Updated help file and translations.
Changed file extension for file lists (*.psfl).
Improvements to command line processing.
Improved PDF to TXT conversion.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed minor memory leak in multilingual versions.
Fixed bug with multipage text extraction (OCR versions).
Fixed bug with page rotation (if page has rotation mark).
Fixed bug with running OCR in some cases.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 8.4

PDF Shaper Free 8.3


New Features:
Added Spanish translation.
Option to sign PDF using multiple signatures.
Additional options for signatures (reason, location, contact).
OCR and text layout options for text extraction.
Updated help file and translations.
Improvements to command line processing.
Minor interface improvements.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug with printing of current page.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 8.3

PDF Shaper Free 8.2


New Features:
New icon for PDF files.
Option to numerate pages in PDF document (Watermark tool).
Option to add multi-line text as watermark (including Unicode).
Ability to add image, text and page numbers as watermark on same page.
Support of system TrueType fonts, codepages and styles.
Option to select pages for PDF to Image conversion.
Updated user interface and translations.
Improvements to text detection and extraction.
Improved program's performance and stability.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug with merging PDF files from command line.
Fixed bug with rotating first page even if it was skipped in pages.
Fixed bug with displaying rotated and cropped PDF files in PDF Viewer.
Fixed bug with loading PNG image for Image to PDF conversion.
Resolved problem with processing protect PDF documents in some tools.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 8.2

PDF Shaper Free 8.1

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 8.1



PDF Shaper Free 7.1


# New Features
- Ability to merge protected and unprotected PDF documents.
- Support of form filling and saving.
- Option to save each image as separate PDF file.
- Command-line option to remove images.
# Enhancements
- Program uses system font and theme as default.
- Improved program stability and performance.
- Improved compatibility with Windows 10.
# Bug Fixes
- Resolved problem with copying text to clipboard.
- Fixed bug with saving file with settings.
- Fixed minor bug with update notifications.
- Minor bug fixes.

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 7.1

PDF Shaper Free 7.0


# New Features
* New PDF reading and rendering engine.
* Support of text watermarks.
* Support of DOCX documents
* Separated Encrypt and Decrypt tools.
# Enhancements
* DOC to PDF tool improvements:
- Support for math symbols.
- Improved support for bookmarks.
- Support for dot/dash patterned lines.
- Improved accessibility support.
- Support for hatch pattern filling.
- Support for Unicode Surrogate Pair characters.
- Support for text inside shapes.
* PDF Viewer improvements:
- Added search box
- Improved PDF document loading speed
- Support for annotations and anti-aliasing fonts
* User interface has been improved.
* PDF Viewer and preview module have been improved.
* Improvements to command-line support.
* Translations have been updated.
# Bug Fixes
* Rare bug with opening protected files.
* Bug with decrypting protected files.
* Minor bug fixes.

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 7.0

PDF Shaper Free 5.3


Version 5.3 introduces new themes, updated translations, some minor bug fixes and improvements.

版本下載:PDF Shaper Free 5.3

HWiNFO 5.22

版本下載:HWiNFO 5.22

Icecream PDF Split&Merge 3.0


- Use Windows context menu to add PDF files for splitting or merging.
- Set permissions, password, meta for output files both in "Split" and "Merge" modes.
- Select certain pages or page ranges of files to be merged in “Merge” mode.
- Easy sorting of split PDF files due to their new naming.
- Compress output PDF files.
- Version of the program is now visible on loading screen.
- Several GUI bug fixes.

版本下載:Icecream PDF Split&Merge 3.0

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.36

版本下載:K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.36