Safari 5.1.7

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Safari 5.1.7


* Contains improvements to performance, stability, compatibility, and security, including changes that:
- Improve the browser's responsiveness when the system is low on memory
- Fix an issue that could affect websites using forms to authenticate users

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Safari 5.1.5


- Contains stability improvements.

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Safari 5.1.4


# Contains improvements to stability, compatibility, and security, including changes that:
* Improve responsiveness when typing into the search field after changing network configurations or with an intermittent network connection
* Address an issue that could cause webpages to flash white when switching between Safari windows
* Address issues that prevented printing U.S. Postal Service shipping labels and embedded PDFs
* Preserve links in PDFs saved from webpages
* Fix an issue that could cause the screen to dim while watching HTML5 video
* Improve stability, compatibility and startup time when using extensions
* Allow cookies set during regular browsing to be available after using Private Browsing
* Fix an issue that could cause some data to be left behind after pressing the “Remove All Website Data” button

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Safari 5.1.2


- Contains various improvements, including fixes that: Improve stability
- Address issues that could cause hangs and excessive memory usage
- Address issues that could cause webpages to flash white
- Allow PDFs to be displayed within web content.

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Safari 5.1.1


* Address issues that could cause hangs and excessive memory usage
* Improve stability when using Find, dragging tabs, and managing extensions
* Improve stability for and other websites that use the Silverlight plug-in
* Improve stability when zooming on Google maps
* Address an issue that could prevent East Asian character input into webpages with Flash content
* Address an issue that could cause History items to appear incorrectly
* Address an issue that could cause cleared Reading List items to appear
* Improve printing from Safari
* Address an issue that could prevent the Google Safe Browsing Service from updating

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Safari 5.1


# New features:
* Reading List
- Easily add webpages and links to your Reading List to browse when you have time.
* New Process Architecture
- Safari has been re-engineered for improved stability and responsiveness.
* Resume
- In the General pane of Safari preferences, you can now choose to launch Safari with the windows from your last browsing session.
* Better Privacy
- A new Privacy pane in Safari preferences makes it easy to remove data that websites can leave on your system.

# Improvements:
* Private AutoFill
- Safari lets you fill out forms quickly while keeping your personal information private.
* Find Option
- When you use Find, you can choose whether you want to search for text that contains or starts with the text that you type in the search field.
* Drag-and-drop Downloads
- You can drag items out of the Downloads window in Safari, so you can easily place downloaded files on the Desktop.
* Advanced Web Technologies
- Safari introduces support for full-screen webpages, media caching with the HTML5 application cache, MathML, Web Open Font Format, CSS3 Auto-hyphenation, CSS3 Vertical Text, CSS3 Text Emphasis, Window.onError, and Formatted XML files.
* New Extension APIs
- Developers can take advantage of new Safari Extension support for popovers, menus, new event classes, and interaction with Reader

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Safari 5.0.5


- Includes the latest security updates.

版本下載:Safari 5.0.5

Safari 5.0.4


Contains improvements to stability, compatibility, accessibility and security, including the following:

* Improved compatibility with webpages with transition effects
* A fix for an issue that could cause some webpages to print with incorrect layouts
* A fix for an issue that could prevent HTML5 video from playing on
* A fix for an issue that could cause content to display incorrectly on webpages with plug-ins

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Safari 5.0.3


* Contains improvements to usability, compatibility, stability, accessibility and security, including the following:
- More accurate Top Hit results in the Address Field
- More accurate results in Top Sites
- Fixes an issue that could cause content delivered with the Flash 10.1 plug-in to overlap webpage content
- More reliable pop-up blocking
- Improved stability when typing into search and text input fields on
- Improved stability when using JavaScript-intensive extensions
- Improved stability when using VoiceOver with Safari

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Safari 5.0.2


* Contains improvements to compatibility and security, including the following:
- Fixes an issue that could prevent users from submitting web forms
- Establishes an encrypted, authenticated connection to the Safari Extensions Gallery

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Safari 5.0.1


# New:

* Safari Extensions
* Customize Safari with features created by third-party developers
* Find extensions in the Safari Extensions Gallery, accessible from the Action menu and

# Contains improvements to stability and security, including the following:

* More accurate Top Hit results in the Address Field
* More accurate timing for CSS animations
* Better stability when scrolling through MobileMe Mail
* Fixes display of multipage articles from in Safari Reader
* Fixes an issue that prevented Google Wave and other websites using JavaScript encryption libraries from working correctly on 32-bit systems
* Fixes an issue that could cause borders on YouTube thumbnails to disappear when hovering over the thumbnail image
* Fixes an issue that prevented boarding passes from from printing correctly
* Fixes an issue that could cause DNS prefetching requests to overburden certain routers

版本下載:Safari 5.0.1

Safari 5.0


# New features including:

* Safari Reader: Click on the new Reader icon to view articles on the web in a single, clutter-free page.
* Improved Performance: Safari 5 executes JavaScript up to 25% faster than Safari 4. Better page caching and DNS prefetching speed up browsing.
* Bing Search Option: New Bing search option for Safari's Search Field, in addition to Google and Yahoo!.
* Improved HTML5 support: Safari supports over a dozen new HTML5 features, including Geolocation, full screen for HTML5 video, closed captions for HTML5 video, new sectioning elements (article, aside, footer, header, hgroup, nav and section), HTML5 AJAX History, EventSource, WebSocket, HTML5 draggable attribute, HTML5 forms validation, and HTML5 Ruby.
* Safari Developer Tools: A new Timeline Panel in the Web Inspector shows how Safari interacts with a website and identifies areas for optimization. New keyboard shortcuts make it faster to switch between panels.

# Other improvements include:

* Smarter Address Field: The Smart Address Field can now match text against the titles of webpages in History and Bookmarks, as well as any part of their URL.
* Tabs Setting: Automatically open new webpages in tabs instead of in separate windows.
* Hardware Acceleration for Windows: Use the power of the computer's graphics processor to smoothly display media and effects on PC as well as Mac.
* Search History with Date: A new date indicator in Full History Search shows when webpages were viewed.
* Top Sites/History Button: Switch easily between Top Sites and Full History Search with a new button that appears at the top of each view.
* Private Browsing Icon: A “Private” icon appears in the Smart Address Field when Private Browsing is on. Click on the icon to turn off Private Browsing.
* DNS Prefetching: Safari looks up the addresses of links on webpages and can load those pages faster.
* Improved Page Caching: Safari can add additional types of webpages to the cache so they load quickly.
* XSS Auditor: Safari can filter potentially malicious scripts used in cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
* Improved JavaScript Support: Safari allows web applications that use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to run faster and more securely.

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Safari 4.0.5

版本下載:Safari 4.0.5

Safari 4.0.4


# Full-Page Zoom

Zoom in or out on web content using keyboard shortcuts, Multi-Touch gestures, or the Zoom toolbar button for more comfortable reading. Images and graphics scale up while your text remains razor sharp, keeping the web page layout consistent as you zoom. To add the Zoom button to your toolbar, simply choose Customize toolbar from the View menu and drag the button onto your toolbar

# ARIA Support

Safari supports Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA). The ARIA standard helps web developers make dynamic web content more accessible for people with disabilities. With ARIA, sites taking advantage of advanced technologies like AJAX and JavaScript can now easily interoperate with assistive technologies.

# Speculative Loading

Safari loads the documents, scripts, and style information required to view a web page ahead of time, so they’re ready when you need them.

# CSS Effects

Pioneered by Safari, CSS effects help developers add polish to websites by stylizing images and photos with eye-catching gradients, precise masks, and stunning reflections that require only a few lines of code

# Acid 3 Compliance

Safari is the first — and only — web browser to pass Acid 3. Acid 3 tests a browser’s ability to fully render pages using the web standards used to build dynamic, next-generation websites, including CSS, JavaScript, XML, and SVG.

# CSS Canvas

Using CSS Canvas, web designers can position canvas elements anywhere an image can be placed using CSS. Safari is the first web browser to support CSS Canvas.

# Nitro JavaScript Engine

Safari 4 introduces the Nitro JavaScript engine, an advanced bytecode JavaScript engine that makes web browsing even faster. In fact, Safari 4 executes JavaScript up to 6 times faster than Internet Explorer 8 and up to 4 times faster than Firefox 3.1.

# HTML 5 Offline Support

Web developers can now create applications that you can use even when you don’t have access to the Internet. Thanks to HTML 5 offline support, designers can build web applications that store themselves on your computer, where you have immediate access to them. Along with the application, web developers can also choose to store the application’s data on your system, so you always have the information you need. Applications and data can be stored in a traditional SQL-like database serving as an application cache or as a “super cookie,” which stores data in the familiar cookie format.

# Cover Flow

Using Cover Flow, you can flip through websites as easily as you flip through album art in iTunes. Cover Flow displays your bookmarks and history as large graphical previews, so you can pick out a website instantly.

# History View

Take a closer look at your browsing history in the History view. Search for previously visited sites, drag web pages to your bookmarks, and clear individual items. Safari displays your history using Cover Flow, so you can flip through your search results as easily as you flip through iTunes album art.

# Top Sites

Safari automatically identifies your favorite sites and displays them as a wall of stunning graphical previews. To visit one of your top sites, just click any of the previews. As you browse, Safari identifies the websites you’re most interested in based on how often and how recently you visit a site. So as you explore the web and discover new websites, your top sites will change to match your evolving tastes.

# Customize Number of Top Sites

To set the number of sites Safari displays on your Top Sites page, click the Edit button in Top Sites and choose Small, Medium, or Large in the lower-right corner to display 24, 12, or 6 site thumbnails, respectively.

# Pin Top Sites

To organize your top sites the way you want, click the Edit button and drag site thumbnails to any position in the Top Sites grid. You can pin sites to specific locations by clicking the pushpin that appears over the site.

# Smart Address Field

Enter web addresses quickly and easily. As you begin to type an address in the address field, Safari automatically completes it with the most likely match — called the Top Hit — and highlights it. Simply press the Enter key to connect to the site. If the Top Hit is not the site you intended to visit, check the list of relevant suggestions, drawn from your bookmarks and browsing history, that Safari displays. Click to select the site you want to visit.

# Top Sites: Fresh News

You can see at a glance when one of your top sites has been updated. Just look for the star in the upper-right corner to see which sites have fresh content to review.

# Powerful Tools

Apple has brought its expertise in Mac OS X and iPhone development tools to the web. Safari 4 includes a powerful set of tools that make it easy to debug, tweak, and optimize a website for peak performance and compatibility. To access them, turn on the Develop menu in Safari preferences.

# Web Inspector

The Web Inspector gives you quick and easy access to the richest set of development tools ever included in a browser. From viewing the structure of a page to debugging JavaScript to optimizing performance, the Web Inspector presents its tools in a clean window designed to make developing web applications more efficient. To activate it, choose Show Web Inspector from the Develop menu.

# Databases

Safari is the only browser that includes tools for managing the offline databases that will be part of the next generation of websites. The Databases pane in Safari 4 allows you to view tables and databases and even execute SQL queries.

# Resources

The Resources pane graphs the order and speed at which website components load over the network. It’s also the first tool that lets you sort data based on loading parameters such as latency, response time, and duration. You can graph page resources by either size or load time. Clicking a resource in the left column brings up detailed data on the right. For text resources, such as documents and scripts, you see the text source of the file. For image and font resources, you view a graphical preview of the file.

# Elements

Take a closer look at your page’s structure with the Elements pane, which makes it easy to examine your Document Object Model (DOM) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) rules. You can even make quick changes to your DOM or CSS and immediately preview how the changes affect your page.

# JavaScript Debugger

The Scripts pane features the powerful JavaScript Debugger in Safari 4. To use it, choose the Scripts pane in the Web Inspector and click Enable Debugging. The debugger cycles through your page’s JavaScript, stopping when it encounters exceptions or erroneous syntax. The Scripts pane also lets you pause the JavaScript, set breakpoints, and evaluate local variables.

# JavaScript Profiler

Optimize your JavaScript code using the state-of-the-art JavaScript Profiler in Safari 4. The Profiler lists the performance characteristics of each of your script’s functions, making it easy to pinpoint problem areas and drill down to the offending lines of code.

# CSS Effects

Using CSS effects, a new technology pioneered by Safari, developers can stylize images and photos with eye-catching gradients, precise masks, and stunning reflections, providing an extra layer of polish to their websites by adding just a few lines of code.

# Full History Search

Use Full History Search to instantly find pages you’ve visited in the past. To find a page, simply begin typing in the Search History field in Top Sites. There’s no need to remember page titles or complex URLs. Safari stores all the text from every page you visit, so you can base your search on any word or phrase that appeared on the site you want to find. And since Safari displays the results using Cover Flow, you can flip through large graphical previews until you recognize the site you want.

# Smart Search Field

Find what you’re looking for instantly. As you enter text in its search field, Safari recommends relevant searches courtesy of Google Suggest and lists your most recent searches, presenting them in an easy-to-read list.

# Full-Page Zoom

With Full-Page Zoom, it’s easy to take a closer look at small print on your favorite sites. Shrink or magnify the contents of web pages using Multi-Touch pinch gestures on your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro trackpad. Images, videos, and other page elements adjust while your text remains razor sharp, keeping your page layout consistent as you zoom.
Two fingers on a Mac trackpad

# Inline Progress Indicator

Safari was the first browser to move the progress indicator into the address field, making it more visible and freeing up space for web content. At a glance, you can see exactly when a site is finished loading.

# Windows Native Look

If you’re using Safari on a PC with Windows Vista or Windows XP, you’ll feel right at home because Safari features a native look — just like other Windows applications — including a native title bar, borders, and toolbars.

# Windows Font Rendering

Safari on Windows now uses Windows Standard fonts to deliver a more consistent experience. You can also choose to use Apple fonts. Thanks to the anti-aliasing algorithm in Safari, you enjoy crisp, gorgeous fonts. The algorithm preserves the subtleties of each font while rendering each character with a crispness that makes your favorite sites a pleasure to read.

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Safari 4.0.3

版本下載:Safari 4.0.3
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