Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.4

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.4

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Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a free Windows customization tool that gives you access to useful system tweaks, not just ones purely designed for aesthetics.

As the application comes bundled in a zip file, simply extract its contents; there’s no installation involved. This is really useful if you want to add it to your collection of USB portable tools.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is divided up into seven sections, comprising of Customization, User Accounts, Performance, Security & Privacy, Internet Explorer, Context Menu and Additional Tweaks. Each of these headings is then split into clearly defined tabs. To begin tweaking your system, just select one of these and start experimenting. Please remember to make sure you click Create Checkpoint before you begin, so you’ve got a System Restore point to rollback to if needed.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker has some really good options, such as the ability to add useful shortcuts to right-click menus, tweak hidden parts of Windows and fine-tune your system for better performance. Overall, as a free system enhancement tool, Ultimate Windows Tweaker really does stand out from the crowd.

檔案版本 Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.4
檔案名稱 UWT4.zip
檔案大小 680KB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 免費軟體
更新日期 2018-02-04

New Favorites feature lets you access many sections of UWT easily.
You can now remove Remove 3D Objects folder from This PC with a click.
Include In Library, Restore Previous Versions Context Menu items added.
Give Access To, Share Context Menu items added.
Choose which folder opens on starting File Explorer.
Remove Duplicate Drive Letter Entry.
Open Phone, Gaming in Settings from the context menu.
Better support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and bug fixes.

作者 The Windows Club
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