WinSCP 5.13.3



  • WinSCP支援SFTP與FTP,甚至還有SCP等等。SFTP是SSH-2標準的一部份,SCP是SSH-1所支援,主要是幫下載或上傳的資料增密。
  • 多線下載可以充份使用您的網路連線頻寬,不至因為來源網站的速度而影響。
  • 保證沒有惱人的廣告軟體、間諜軟體與惡意程式。
  • 當然還有一般FTP工具所具有的,如續傳、暫停、拖拉等功能。
  • 提供檔案總管管理介面與諾頓指揮官管理介面兩種介面使用者可以輕鬆地下載網際網路上的檔案。
  • 開放原始碼,當然是免費的

檔案版本 WinSCP 5.13.3
檔案名稱 WinSCP-5.13.3-Setup.exe
檔案大小 9.24MB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 開源軟體
更新日期 2018-06-18

Generated session URL for opened FTP/WebDAV session over TLS/SSL with invalid certificate includes its fingerprint.
Generated session URL has colons in TLS/SSL fingerprint unnecessarily URL-encoded.
Bug fix: It is not possible to delete symlink pointing to a directory with “Follow symbolic links to directories” session settings being on.
Bug fix: Scripting command ln does silently nothing when the server does not support creating symlinks, instead of reporting that.
Bug fix: Error when downloading file to a temporary filename with a long path with SFTP protocol.
Bug fix: Keywords that link to help page are underlined in generated code on Windows 10 version 1803.
Bug fix: Start of file drag from remote panel stalls on some systems with floppy drive.
Bug fix: Path argument in lcd command in generated script has to end with backslash, if it points to a root folder.
Kabyle translation removed.

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