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Xopero Cloud Personal

Xopero Cloud Personal 3.9.3


Xopero Cloud Personal 3.9.3


Xopero Cloud Personal is a cloud backup solution with advanced sync & share

If data security doesn't keep you up at night, it probably should; especially if you want to keep your business or personal data like photographs, invoices, and yet-to-be-published-greatest-novel-of-century safe.

Securing your data in the age of rampant malware and ransomware is more important than ever. Yes, you can back up the contents of your hard drives yourself with physical disks, but that can be time-consuming and leaves a lot to chance.

Xopero Cloud Personal could be the solution you never knew you needed. At its core, Xopero Cloud Personal is simple backup software that allows you to quickly and easily protect the data stored on your computer.

Xopero is easy to use and does not required advanced technical skills. The steps for backing up your data are straightforward and easy to do. You can decide which resources need to be protected: from specific files and folders (e.g. Desktop and My Documents), mailbox or your collections of music, movies, and photos from your last vacation. All your data can then be restored quickly in the event of a physical disaster (flooding, fire, tornado, alien invasion etc) or in single elements when needed. (such as particular Word docs or individual photos etc.)

Key Features:

  • Simple and easy to use.
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  • AES 256 encryption.
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  • Backup entire hard-drive or individual files.
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  • Redundancy built in.
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  • Guaranteed 24/7 365 days a year access.
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  • Peace of min.
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Xopero also allows you to create full hard drive images, including operating systems, installed programmes, settings and stored data. As a result, in case of a system failure or hard disk damage you can rapidly return to work in a familiar environment.

One of the best aspects of Xopero Cloud Personal is that backups are created automatically. Xopero itself runs quietly in the background, and uses minimal system resources. 

Additionally, Xopero also has a simple tool for synchronisation and sharing of encrypted data. Xopero has the protection of its users' data right to the front. All backed up files are encrypted with AES 256 (the same standard as used by banks and American government organisation NSA) before they even leave your computer.

All your encrypted files are transferred to a highly protected data centre in Poland. Xopero also guarantees a redundant infrastructure, which means your files are backed up into to two different locations. This means that if one server room stops functioning, the data can be always recovered from the second one.

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