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WhatsApp 0.2.3699 (64-bit)

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WhatsApp 0.2.3699 (64-bit)


No change log.

版本下載:WhatsApp 0.2.3699 (64-bit)

HWiNFO 5.22

版本下載:HWiNFO 5.22

AbiWord 2.9.4 Beta


* Changes:
- Continued work to make the GTK+3 port ready for Abiword 3.0
- Updated translations for 60+ languages
- Tens of bug fixes. Tables spanning multiple pages are again usable. Also, the bug that caused numbers at the beginning of paragraphs to disappear when reading an rtf file has been fixed.

版本下載:AbiWord 2.9.4 Beta

AbiWord 2.9.2 Beta


* Add double-buffering support for most of the drawing to reduce flickering
* Implement SVG snapshots for components when possible
* Port the GTK interface to GTK+3 (GTK+2 is still supported)
* Support loading plugins in the Mac OSX port
* Allow SPARQL Query execution on RDF metadata stored in documents

版本下載:AbiWord 2.9.2 Beta

AbiWord 2.9.1 Beta


* Unicode Support for Windows
* Paragraph Borders and Shading Support
* Improved Localizations
* RDF Support in both OpenDocument (.odt) and AbiWord (.abw) files
* A Telepathy Backend for the Collaboration Plugin
* An Experimental EPUB Plugin
* Windows 64 bit Support
* Reviving the Mac OS X Port

版本下載:AbiWord 2.9.1 Beta

AbiWord 2.8.6


# Core
* Preserve character properties when typing. This fixes a bad regression that was introduced in 2.8.5. (Martin Sevior)

* Maintain and release 2.8.6. (Marc Maurer)

版本下載:AbiWord 2.8.6

AbiWord 2.8.5


# Core
* Editing/Layout
- Fix paste of rich text from HTML and ODT, where previously some formatting properties were not closed properly. (Martin Sevior)
- Add a number of robustness fixes to the layout engine. (Martin Sevior)
- Fix a table selection bug. (Sander Bogaert)

# Import/Export
* OpenDocument
- Fix 10330: Ignored top and bottom margins. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix a typo in the bottom margin code import code, resulting in a bug similar to 10330, but then on import. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix 11905: Document with columns not correctly exported. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix 11937: Incorrect page margin defaults. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix 11874: Bullets, border and 'first page' style not rendered right. Adds the Unicode MINUS SIGN to the list of unicode chars that renders as a dashed list. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix 10884: Columns (section?) margins not preserved on opendocument import. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix 11887: Footer text placement / alignment problems. The real problem was that we didn't support different headers/footers on facing pages. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix 11862: Table of Contents not properly exported. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix 11848: table:number-columns-repeated and table:number-rows-repeated not supported. (Marc Maurer, Martin Sevior)

* Office OpenXML
- Fix wrong page margins on export, similar to bug 11937. (Marc Maurer)

# Plugins
* Collaboration
- Fix 12744: Crash when more than 2 people are collaborating and one of the clients disconnects. (Marc Maurer, Sam Rooney)
- Don't include document names that a buddy does not have access to in the list of available shared documents that is sent to him. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix some small memory leaks in the *.abicollab importer. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix 12728: AbiWord should honor SRV DNS records when collaborating over XMPP. (Damien Diederen)
* MS Write
- Fixed several bugs, added character conversion support and support for page properties. (Ingo Brueckl)

# Internationalization
- Update Galician (gl) translation. (Miguel Bouzada)
- Updated Romanian (ro_RO) translation. (Lucian Constantin)
- Updated Danish (da_DK) translation. (Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér)
- Update German (de-DE) translation. (Volker Ribbert)
- Updated Slovenian (sl-SI) translation. (Martin Srebotnjak)

# Development
- Maintain and release 2.8.2 (Marc Maurer)
- Fix 12701: configure --disable-collab-backend-{tcp,service} should not check for asio.hpp. (Thorsten Vollmer)
- Replace '==' tests in configure by '='. (Jean Bréfort)
- Remove all uses of fp_PageSize::MarginXXX, since getting the document margins this way is wrong/broken. (Marc Maurer)
- Remove some useless asserts and add some useful ones. (Martin Sevior)

版本下載:AbiWord 2.8.5

AbiWord 2.8.4


# Core

* Editing/Layout (All platforms)
- Fix a bug where deleting a character in non-Western scripts caused a random number of characters to be deleted. (Martin Sevior)

* Editing/Layout (Linux / Mac OSX)
- Bug 6987: "Thai string can't be deleted in proper sequence". This fix applies to all non-Western scripts, for example Russian and Arabic scripts were affected too. This also fixes the cursor movement for complex scripts, as text cluster boundaries are now always honored. (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 11785: Abiword shows strange symbols instead of Arabic characters. This fix applies to all languages that activate our font substitution mechanism. (Marc Maurer)
- Fix the text rendering of complex scripts when text is selected. (Marc Maurer)


*GNOME Office
- Use double click to select a component type and close the dialog. (Jean Bréfort)


- Maintain and release 2.8.4 (Marc Maurer)
- Link the OpenDocument plugin explicitly against zlib, which fixes the autoconf MinGW build. (Fridrich Strba)

版本下載:AbiWord 2.8.4

AbiWord 2.8.3


# Core

- Bug 12670: abiword uses libxml2 API badly, leads to crashes (Michal Schmidt, Red Hat).

# Import/Export

* AbiWord
- Bug 12658: Meta data is escaped twice in the AbiWord exporter. (sum1)

- Bug 12608: Crash during OpenDocument import. (sum1)
- Make OpenOffice.org 3.2.0-rc4 happy and not claim we write out invalid documents. This is clearly a bug in OOo. Consider this part of your AbiWord Customer Service plan. (johanbr)
- Bug 9913: Abiword won't open password protected ODT files. (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 11858: Tab stops not imported. (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 11942: Tabstops (and tab leaders) not exported. (Marc Maurer)
- Add application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-web as a supported mimetype in the ODF importer. Also add application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-{template,web} to abiword.desktop. (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12667: default-tab-interval not exported. (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12153: Add AbiWord's version and platform in the meta:generator field. (Marc Maurer)

*Office Open XML
- Bug 12624: Smart quotes are discarded during docx export. (sum1)

# Plugins

* GNOME Office
- Fix a GValue initialization. (Jean Bréfort)

# Interface

* Mac OSX
- Bug 12617: Include files needed for Mac OS X build in source tarball (Obin Hickory).

# Development

- Maintain and release 2.8.3 (Marc Maurer)
- Disable debug messages in the OOXML validation code until it is completed. (sum1)
- Fix a warning. (sum1)

版本下載:AbiWord 2.8.3

AbiWord 2.8.2


* Core:
> Editing/Layout -
- Fix German smart-quotes (Patrik Fimml)
- Bug 12552: fp_TextRun::itemize() leaks memory (Obin Hickory)
- Bug 12508: Prevent some crashes in recent-files code (Paul Bolle)
- Bug 12346: Pressing TAB removes text in the Windows version (Martin Sevior)

>Collaboration -
- Support non-TLS connections for the abicollab service backend (Marc Maurer)

* GUI:
- Bump the copyright date to 2010 (sum1)
- Bug 12551: Fix a memory leak in the menu code (Patrik Fimml)

> Windows -
- Fix a potential crash in the Windows menu code (Marc Maurer)

> GTK+ -
- Bug 10377: Fix GTK+ landscape printing (again) (Patrik Fimml)
- Bug 12501: Fix GTK+ build to work without PATH_MAX (e.g. Hurd) (Patrik Fimml, sum1)
- Fix paths to the offline documentation (Patrik Fimml)
- Add an abiword(1) manpage and install it (Patrik Fimml)
- Restore/fix the AbiWidget focus grabbing behaviour (Daniel Drake)
- Prevent selection events to be emitted by the AbiWidget during smart quote operation (Martin Sevior)

> Maemo -
- Fix a bug whereby AbiWord crashes when the user tries to load the font chooser dialog box while having text with multiple fonts/font styles selected (Ersin Akinci).

* Import/Export:
> OpenDocument -
- Bug 12488: Set the office:version to 1.1 (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12489: svg:title and svg:desc are exported in wrong order (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 11883: Section/paragraph numbers not imported. This fixes bugs when dealing with complex numbered lists. (Martin Sevior)

> Office OpenXML -
- Fix two crashes that occurred when importing the file from bug 12502 (sum1)

> RTF -
- Bug 9581: Assert when importing document (Obin Hickory)

> HTML -
- Don't allow non-numeric font-sizes when importing from HTML. If a non-numeric font-size is found, use a fall-back sane number (Martin Sevior)

* Plugins:
> GNOME Office -
- Fix contextual menu problems that made charts uneditable (Jean Bréfort)
- Fix goffice object snapshots (Jean Bréfort)
- Adapt to the new goffice API (Jean Bréfort)

> Equation Editor -
- Bug 12380: Equations are slightly larger in print than on screen (Patrik Fimml)

> Grammar Checker -
- Bug 12558 Grammar plugin leaks memory (Obin Hickory)

> Internationalization -
- Add Mandika (Senegal) translation to the list of supported languages (Marc Maurer)
- Update the Mandinka Senegal (mnk-SN) translation (Dominique Rochefort)
- Update the Esperanto translation (Keith Bowes)
- Update the Portugese (pt-PT) translation (Pedro Lino)
- Update the Slovak translation (Jaroslav Rynik)
- Update the German translation (Volker Ribbert).

> Development -
- Maintain and release 2.8.2 (Marc Maurer)
- The plugin.m4 file from the grammar plugin is not included in the tarball (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12447: Source tarball doesn't include NIB files (Obin Hickory)
- Bug 12446: Compile error (gr_CocoaCairoGraphics.cpp) on Snow Leopard (Obin Hickory)
- Fix OSX plugin system to use xcode (Obin Hickory)
- Bug 12537: SunOS is not defined for src/af/util/xp/ut_endian.h ('The Written Word')
- Kill off gucharmap support, which fixes crashes with gucharmap < 2.24. Their API is not stable, which means we can't depend on it to work (Marc Maurer, sum1)
- Bug 12550: configure override CXX (Obin Hickory)
- Try to detect libpng so that we support 1.2.x and 1.4.x (Fridrich Strba)
- Fix unused variable warnings (sum1, Patrik Fimml)
- Update code comments (sum1)
- Add an additional "break" option to the assert prompt (Patrik Fimml)

版本下載:AbiWord 2.8.2

AbiWord 2.8.1

版本下載:AbiWord 2.8.1

AbiWord 2.8.0


- Improved Collaboration support : AbiWord's collaborative capabilities are greatly improved in this release. For example, it gained the ability to distinguish the text written by different authors using various text highlight colors while collaborating. Figure 1 shows a document being edited by three different authors at the same time. The collaboration support has been tightly integrated with the new online web service called http://abicollab.net/, which lets you store documents online, allows easy document sharing with your friends, and performs format conversions on the fly.

- Annotation / Comment support : AbiWord 2.8.0 gained support for annotations, or "comments". You can annotate any piece of text with a remark that will show up when you hover over it with your mouse. A list of all remarks will be displayed in the footer area on every page if desired.

- Smart Quote support : Proper Smart Quote support has been added in this latest release. While older AbiWord releases claimed to have it on board (there was a preference to enable Smart Quotes), it was never (properly) implemented.

- Multi-Page View : Also new in 2.8.0 is the ability to view multiple pages side by side. This is convenient for users who have large widescreen monitors, or for quickly getting an overview of the document.

- True Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support : The GTK port of AbiWord has gained proper SVG support in the 2.8.0 release. While previous AbiWord releases had the ability to import SVG images, their quality was low. This has been fixed, and SVG images will now look better on screen and in print.It's worth noting that importing WMF images from Microsoft Word documents will also result in high quality images now, as they too won't be rasterised anymore.

- Improved OpenDocument Format support : The AbiWord development team considers support for the Open Document Format (ODF) important for a number of reasons, including long term durability and our interoperability with other products on the market. These days many governments, companies and individual users are moving to ODF. Thanks to an ongoing grant from NLnet Foundation, AbiWord is on its our way to become one the best ODF implementations on the word processor market. This release incorporates many improvements to the ODF import/export filters, such as documents with page anchorred images and frames that are now properly imported, as well as documents with a relative width to columns and tables. Coupled with a large number of other improvements makes that AbiWord's support for ODF is better than ever.

- New printing framework : The printing system in the GTK port of AbiWord has been completely rewritten. The most notable change is the support for GTK Print in favor of the deprecated gnome-print. Furthermore the quality of the Postscript and PDF output has been increased significantly, which was made possible by porting our rendering code to use cairo.

- Including:

* Many improvements to the document import and export filters, most notably the OpenDocument (.odt), Office Open XML (.docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf) and LaTeX (.tex) filters.
* A new S5 exporter has been added.
* The GNOME Office Chart plugin has been updated to be able to embed entire Gnumeric spreadsheet documents (GTK version only).

- Note to Developers and Distributors : Some specific changes might be of interest to software developers and distributors -

* For people scripting AbiWord to print from the command line, a change in the command line options was made. A typical way to print a file directly from the command line would now be:
abiword --to=ps --to-name=fd://1 file.abw | lpr

* A totally revamped build system has been put in place, making it more standards compliant and allowing cross-compilation of the Windows version on Linux/Unix systems. The plugins are included in the abiword source tarball now as well.

* The GTK port had its rendering code ported to use cairo for all its output (the Windows and OS X ports will follow later).

* Make the Mac OSX port compile again (we won't consider it a supported port until we move it to the new cairo-based renderer).

* Removed a ton of deprecated GTK functions.

* Make the code compile almost completely warning free.

* Move from Glade to GTK Builder to construct our dialogs in the GTK port.

* For people embedding AbiWord using the provided GTK AbiWidget, the Web view was reworked to make text flow in a way to use all available space allocated to the widget. This in contrast to view modes such as the "Print Preview" and "Normal" mode, which are more paper-oriented.

* For people packaging pyabiword, make sure to compile libabiword using the --enable-dynamic flag, otherwise plugins will fail to load.

版本下載:AbiWord 2.8.0

AbiWord 2.7.10 Beta




- Bug 12321: Annotation hover box too large (Martin Sevior)
- Allow empty titles, authors or descriptions in annotations (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12322: Jump to annotation is broken (Martin Sevior)
- Bug 12324: Scrolling from page to page does not work using multipage (Martin Sevior)


- Bug 12150: Implement the annotations preview dialog (Marc Maurer)


Office Open XML (docx):

- Extended document validity checking (Firat Kiyak)


- Add a Basque translation to the Windows installer (Mikel Pascual)



- Don't expand all items in the Open Shared Documents dialog when reopening it (Marc Maurer)
- Re-enable the code that checks for AbiCollab protocol incompatibilities (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12317: Can't edit collaboratively added equation. Warning: this bumps the AbiCollab protocol version, making it incompatible with previous 2.7.x releases. (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12294: Don't overwrite read only access control (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12308: Fix memory leak in Open Shared Documents dialogs (Marc Maurer)
- Fix memory leak in Share dialog on Windows (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12323: Save As dialog gives an error (Marc Maurer)
- Don't silently ignore the request to open an already opened shared document. Instead, raise the frame which has the document already in it (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12264: Crash when disconnecting TCP client account (Marc Maurer)
- Fix hang on exit on Windows when having 1 TCP server account (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12326: Memory error when deleting TCP client account (Marc Oude Kotte)

版本下載:AbiWord 2.7.10 Beta

AbiWord 2.7.9 Beta


* Allow the sharing of documents on abicollab.net directly from within AbiWord (as opposed to using the web application).
* Fix a number of complex script (such as Nepalese or Arabic) shaping problems. There still are some known issues when selecting complex text.
* Speed up the editing of documents that contain many textboxes.

版本下載:AbiWord 2.7.9 Beta

AbiWord 2.7.8 Beta



* Bug 10692: Hang when inserting a table over a footnote (Martin Sevior)
* Enable table line drags for embedded versions of AbiWord (Martin Sevior)
* Fix some editing issues with annotations (Martin Sevior)
* Improve the handling of documents that contain page breaks in columns (Martin Sevior)



* Bug 2466: Prompt before taking over an existing bookmark's name (sum1)
* (Part of) Bug 11953: Don't list non-scalable fonts in the Linux and Mac UIs (Hubert Figuiere)
* Bug 12256: The "Help Introduction" menu item has an incorrect status bar description (sum1)
* Make some frequently-used drawing code slightly faster (Robert Wilhelm)
* Make text rendering on Linux and Mac faster (Robert Wilhelm)


* Bug 2468: Disable the OK button in the bookmark dialog when the bookmark name is empty (sum1)
* Bug 12188: Implement an "enable overwrite mode" option on Windows (sum1)



* Fix some potential issues that could lead to invalid XML in the abw exporter (sum1)

Office Open XML (docx)

* Bug 12180: OpenOffice.org can't read the docx files exported by AbiWord (Firat Kiyak)
* Add support for borderless table cells to the importer (Firat Kiyak)
* Add support for table styles to the importer (Firat Kiyak)
* Fix the exporting of page columns (Firat Kiyak)
* Fix the exporter to handle nested tables (Firat Kiyak)
* Handle overlapping bookmarks in the exporter better (Firat Kiyak)
* Import and export page margins (Firat Kiyak)
* Import page breaks (Firat Kiyak)
* Import text highlighting from docx files (Firat Kiyak)
* Improve support for bookmarks inside of tables (Firat Kiyak)
* Improve support for merged table cells in the importer (Firat Kiyak)
* Make cells inherit table backgrounds in the importer (Firat Kiyak)

OpenDocument (odt)

* Bug 11859: Span background colors are not always exported (sum1)
* Bug 12219: Missing text and image during import (Martin Sevior)
* Bug 12240: Crash when importing a document that contains equations (sum1)
* (Part of) Bug 12661: AbiWord doesn't export background images correctly (sum1)
* (Part of) Bug 12661: Prevent invalid color values in the exporter (sum1)
* (Part of) Bug 12661: Top-level text boxes are ignored during import (sum1)


* Bug 12239: Text inside of table cells is not imported with the correct alignment (Martin Sevior)


* Bug 12246: Update the copyright statements in the readme documents (sum1)
* Bug 12257: Add a Slovak dictionary option to the Windows installer (sum1)
* Remove the math plug-in from the typical installation set (Ryan Pavlik)


* Update the Romanian (ro-RO) translation (Lucian Constantin)
* Update the Russian (ru-RU) translation (Urmas)
* Update the Slovak (sk-SK) translation (Jaroslav Rynik)
* Update the Wolof (Senegal) (wo-SN) translation (Dominique Rochefort)



* Bug 12248: Potential crash when importing data items while collaborating (sum1)
* Fix corrupted data packets with the Sugar and TCP back-ends (Marc Maurer)



* Make sure all templates are added to the source distribution (Marc Maurer)
* Package Romanian templates and profiles in the source distribution (Marc Maurer)
* Release and maintain 2.7.8 (Marc Maurer)


* Bug 12215: Fix some mismatched deallocations in Windows code (Ryan Pavlik)
* Add the OpenWriter, Paint, and S5 plug-ins to the VC++ build (Marc Maurer)

版本下載:AbiWord 2.7.8 Beta
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