Beyond Compare 4.2.9 for PC Windows

Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare 4.2.9 for PC Windows

Scooter Software Inc

Beyond Compare可以讓您快速又簡單的比對您的文件或是資料夾,透過簡單的指令,您可以只專注於自己感興趣的文件,可以同步文件並對於您的記錄產生報告。

  • Beyond Compare可針對檔案、資料夾、壓縮檔、FTP之間做差異比對與資料同步。
  • 可以只檢查大小或修改的時間。
  • 可以徹底檢查每個檔案以字節逐一比對。
  • 資料損毀時,可以恢復資料。

檔案版本 Beyond Compare 4.2.9 for PC Windows
檔案名稱 BCompare-
檔案大小 21.07MB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 共享軟體
更新日期 2019-01-16

Windows: Upgraded OneDrive support to use the Microsoft Graph API.
Fixed support for OneDrive, which was using a discontinued service.
Added support for institutional ("Work or school") accounts.
Fixed setting last modified times for folders.
KNOWN ISSUE: Creating or re-authenticating 2 OneDrive profiles within a single instance of Beyond Compare will kill Beyond Compare without warning. Restart BC after authenticating the profile to avoid the issue.

作者 Scooter Software Inc