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Inno Setup

Inno Setup 5.5.9

Jordan Russell

Inno Setup 5.4.2


* Windows 7 change:
- Added new [Icons] section flag: excludefromshowinnewinstall. Prevents a Start menu entry for a newly installed application shortcut from receiving a highlight on Windows 7 (or later). Ignored on earlier Windows versions.
* Compiler IDE change:
- Changed shortcut for Edit | Complete Word to Alt+Right (but still recognize Ctrl+Space). Reportedly, Ctrl+Space conflicts with the Chinese IME.
* Fixes:
- Inno Setup Preprocessor: #include handling of '.' and '..' now treats such filenames as relative to the directory containing the current file, not to the current directory (which is undefined).
- On the 5.4.1 Unicode compiler, trying to build a multi-language installer while running under a DBCS code page could unexpectedly result in "Illegal null character" errors.
- On Unicode, string-type parameters passed to BeforeInstall and AfterInstall functions were being converted to ANSI.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.4.2

Inno Setup 5.4.1


* Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) changes:
- ISPP is now an official part of Inno Setup and is included in the standard Inno Setup installer instead of only being included in the QuickStart Pack installer.
- It is now possible to enable ISPP preprocessing on .isl files by adding a line saying #preproc ispp at the top of the .isl file.
- With the exception of Exec, ReadIni, and WriteIni, all ISPP functions that take filenames have been changed to interpret the filenames as relative to SourcePath instead of the current directory. Additionally, these functions, the #include directive, and the #file directive now support prefix expansion (e.g. 'compiler:') in filenames.
- The #include directive no longer searches the current directory.
- Builtins.iss has been renamed to ISPPBuiltins.iss.
- The Compiler IDE no longer displays a separate ISPP version number in its title bar.
* Compiler IDE changes:
- The Edit | Replace | Replace All command now actually replaces all occurrences, instead of doing a Delphi-style "From Cursor" replacement. Also it now counts all replacements as a single undo action and shows how many occurrences were replaced.
- Unicode change: Added a new File | Save Encoding submenu. It now defaults to preserving the UTF-8 BOM of existing files, even if the UTF-8 encoding isn't really needed.
* Unicode change: Added support for Unicode characters in DLL filenames (not specified directly in the script, but returned by constants like {app}). This fixes the "Cannot Import" error seen with for example the CodeDll.iss example script when uninstalling from an {app} path containing non-ANSI characters.
* Two new Setup exit codes related to the Preparing to Install stage were added. See the help file for more information.
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.4.1

Inno Setup 5.4.0


* Compiler IDE changes:
- The editor component has been changed from SynEdit to Scintilla.
- Autocompletion support has been added to all sections except for [Messages], [CustomMessages], and [Code].
- Brace highlighting has been added to all sections.
- Syntax errors are now underlined during editing. (Support for the [Code] section is limited.)
- Constants are now highlighted.
- Variable-pitch fonts may now be selected as the editor font.
- ISPP inline directives ({#...}) are now consistently highlighted in all contexts.
- Zooming is now supported.
- Added new options: Word wrap (default: off), Auto indent mode (default: on), Show indentation guides (default: off), Invoke autocomplete automatically (default: on), Underline syntax errors (default: on), and Use tab character (default: off).

* Setup now instructs edit controls which are used to input a file or folder name to use AutoComplete to help complete file system paths.

* On disk space checks, Setup now queries the nearest volume mount point rather than the root.

* The default directory and Start Menu folder names specified via the /DIR=, /GROUP=, and /LOADINF= command line parameters now may include an "expand:" prefix which instructs Setup to expand any constants in the name. For example: /DIR="expand:{pf}My Program".

* Pascal Scripting changes:
- TNewProgressBar: Added new Style and State properties. See the CodeClasses.iss example script for an example.
- TBitmapImage: Added new OnClick and OnDblClick properties. See the
CodeClasses.iss example script for an example.

* QuickStart Pack changes:
- All ISPP functions that take filenames have been changed to interpret the filenames as relative to SourcePath instead of the current directory with the exception of Exec, ReadIni, and WriteIni, as they already have their own established handling of relative filenames.
- ISPP directive #include no longer searches the current directory.

* Dropped Itanium-specific 64-bit support for the [Files] section's regtypelib flag and the [Registry] section's Permissions parameter. These features depended on an Itanium-specific "helper" binary, which we no longer have the ability to test or build. (x64 support for these features is unaffected.)

* Updated bzip2 library to version 1.0.6.

* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.4.0

Inno Setup 5.3.11


* QuickStart Pack: Now offers to download and install InnoIDE instead of ISTool. InnoIDE is an easy to use Inno Setup Script editor by Graham Murt and meant as a replacement of the standard Compiler IDE that comes with Inno Setup. Using InnoIDE is especially recommended for new users. Note: unlike ISTool, InnoIDE supports Unicode scripts.
* Unicode changes:
- Previously, if a Unicode installer included translations for both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese using the language IDs $0404 (Taiwan) and $0804 (PRC), a user running under another Traditional Chinese language ID—such as $0C04 (Hong Kong)—could have incorrectly received the Simplified Chinese translation by default if it was listed first in the script's [Languages] section. Now, like the ANSI version of Setup, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are treated as completely separate languages. Thus, provided other options are available, Simplified Chinese will not be considered for selection as the default language on Traditional Chinese systems, and vice versa.
- Compiler IDE editor updated to the latest UniSynEdit version. This fixes the extra empty line appearing at the end of scripts when first saved.
- Ctrl+V/Esc/etc. are no longer intercepted by the Compiler IDE's main window while the Find dialog has the focus.
- Based on RemObjects Pascal Script SVN code revision 233. This fixes GetExceptionMessage always returning "(There is no current exception)" on Unicode.
* Compiler IDE: Added new Build | Open Output Folder command.
* In certain cases, applications started via postinstall nowait [Run] entries did not come to the foreground (top of the Z-order) as expected. This could occur if Setup exited before the spawned process(es) were able to initialize, causing Windows to bring the window that was underneath Setup in the Z-order to the foreground instead. Now, when postinstall nowait [Run] entries are processed, Setup will wait briefly (up to one second) before exiting for another process to bump Setup from the foreground.
* To help protect applications against potential DLL preloading attacks, Setup now always specifies a working directory on shortcuts it creates. If a WorkingDir parameter is not specified or is blank, Setup will try to extract a directory name from the Filename parameter. If for some reason that fails, the working directory will be set to {sys}.
* To help protect installers against potential DLL/EXE preloading attacks, Setup/Uninstall now calls SetDllDirectory to remove the current directory from the DLL search order, and SetSearchPathMode to prevent SearchPath and CreateProcess from searching the current directory before system directories.
* If the Filename parameter of a [Run]/[UninstallRun] entry or Exec/ShellExec call does not include a path, and a WorkingDir value is not provided, Setup/Uninstall will now specify a known-safe default (currently {sys}) for the process's initial current directory, instead of allowing the process to inherit Setup/Uninstall's current directory. You should not rely on this behavior, however; it is best to always specify a path in the Filename parameter.
* When an Open or Save common dialog is dismissed, the current directory is now restored to its original value.
* Updated bzip2 library to version 1.0.5.
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.3.11

Inno Setup 5.3.10


* Added .NET Framework 4.0 support:
- Added constants {dotnet40}, {dotnet4032}, and {dotnet4064}. An exception will be raised if an attempt is made to expand these constants on a system with no .NET Framework version 4.0 present.
- [Files] section flag gacinstall can now be used on .NET Framework 4.0 assemblies too.
* Windows 7 changes:
- [Icons] section flag foldershortcut is now ignored when running on Windows 7 (or later), as folder shortcuts do not expand properly on the Start Menu anymore.
* [Setup] section directive changes:
- When SignedUninstaller is set to yes, any temporary self-copies used by Setup are now digitally signed too.
- Uninstallable may now be set to a boolean expression, which may contain calls to check functions. For example: Uninstallable=not IsTaskSelected('portablemode'). See the Uninstallable documentation for details.
- AppVerName is no longer required if AppVersion is specified. It will now effectively default to: {cm:NameAndVersion,[AppName],[AppVersion]}. The Compiler IDE's New Script Wizard now also asks for an AppVersion instead of an AppVerName.
- If a text VersionInfo* directive is set to an empty string (as opposed to not being specified), then the version info field is really set to an empty string now, instead of forcing a default value.
- VersionInfoProductTextVersion now defaults to VersionInfoProductVersion if set, else AppVersion if AppVersion is set and does not include constants, else VersionInfoTextVersion.
* Unicode Inno Setup: an issue with the taskbar button re-appearing on /VERYSILENT installs has been fixed.
* Unicode [Code] based on RemObjects Pascal Script SVN code revision 228.
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.3.10

Inno Setup 5.3.9


* For better appearance on Windows 7 and Vista when ClearType is enabled, Tahoma is the new default font used by Setup and Uninstall. A new [Setup] section directive DefaultDialogFontName has also been added to make it easy to override the default dialog font for all languages that do not have a custom DialogFontName setting. If you would like to revert to the dialog font used in previous versions of Inno Setup (Microsoft Sans Serif if available, else MS Sans Serif), set DefaultDialogFontName to an empty string (DefaultDialogFontName=).
* Added new [Setup] section directive: DisableWelcomePage to hide the Welcome wizard page. Doing so is recommended by the Aero wizard guidelines. Additionally, the ShouldSkipPage event function is now also called for wpWelcome.
* When Setup is not running silently, the Ready To Install wizard page now ignores attempts to skip it when no other wizard page before it has been shown yet.
* Added LZMA2 compression support:
- Updated the LZMA SDK compression code to version 9.10 which adds support for LZMA2 compression. LZMA2 is a modified version of LZMA that offers a better compression ratio for uncompressible data (random data expands about 0.005%, compared to 1.35% with original LZMA), and optionally can compress multiple parts of large files in parallel, greatly increasing compression speed but with a possible reduction in compression ratio. LZMA2 compression may be activated by setting the Compression [Setup] section directive to lzma2, and lzma2 is now also the default value.
* Added various new [Setup] section directives with names that start with LZMA to fine-tune LZMA and LZMA2 compression parameters, including LZMADictionarySize which allows the LZMA dictionary size to be increased up to 256 MB from the previous maximum of 64 MB. Review the memory requirements listed in the Compression topic before using.
* Tweaked the JMP/CALL instruction optimization algorithm for slightly better compression of executable files. (On Inno Setup's own installer, this saved about 2 KB.)
* Improved compression of x64 executable files: just like for x86 executable files, JMP/CALL instruction optimization is now performed for x64 executable files. On average, this will reduce the compressed size of x64 executable files by 2-3%.
* [Setup] section directive DiskSliceSize can now be set to max, and max is now also the default value.
* Windows 7 change: The Compiler IDE is now pinnable. Also, files that are opened via the Welcome dialog, MRU list, and drag & drop now get added to the Jump List.
* Windows 7 and Vista changes:
- Before deleting a pinned shortcut, Uninstall now automatically removes it from the current user's Start menu pinned list and on Windows 7 also from the taskbar.
- Changed the icon that is shown on Select Start Menu Folder wizard page. Previously, it used the same icon as the preceding Select Destination Location page, but that was never really the intention.
- When Setup and Uninstall respawn for elevation, any SUBST'ed drives in the EXE filename are now expanded before the respawn, since the elevated user will not retain the original user's SUBST mappings. Fixes error seen when starting Setup from a SUBST'ed drive.
* Setup now uses the SHA-1 algorithm instead of MD5 for file checksums and various internally-used hashes.
* Pascal Scripting: Added support functions GetSHA1OfString, GetSHA1OfUnicodeString, and GetSHA1OfFile.
* QuickStart Pack: Added ISPP functions GetSHA1OfString, GetSHA1OfUnicodeString, and GetSHA1OfFile.
* [Icons] section parameter AppUserModelID is now also used on Windows Server 2008 R2.
* In Setup's version info text fields, "(C)" is now automatically replaced with real copyright symbols ("©").
* Unicode Inno Setup: Added workaround for upstream Delphi bug that could cause Setup (versions 5.3.6 to 5.3.8) to display a "Stream read error" error message at startup on Windows 2000 systems that did not have Service Pack 4 installed.
* Compiler IDE change: the Tools | Configure Sign Tools... dialog now allows editing of existing Sign Tools.
* The uninstall program's version is now 51.(10)52.0.0.
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.3.9

Inno Setup 5.3.8


* Added new [Setup] section directive: UsePreviousLanguage. When this directive is yes, the default, at startup Setup will look in the registry to see if the same application is already installed, and if so, it will use the language of the previous installation as the default language selected in the list of available languages on the Select Language dialog. Note that this directive does not change the language used by the Select Language dialog itself because it cannot assume that the current user understands the same languages as the previous user. UsePreviousLanguage must be set to no when AppId includes constants.
* On Windows Vista and newer, Uninstall no longer blocks system shutdown until the uninstallation has actually started. This should make the Windows 7 Logo Kit (which wrongly tests any .exe in the application directory including the uninstaller) happy when it tries to shutdown an Uninstall sitting on its confirmation prompt.
* On Windows NT and newer, PrivilegesRequired=lowest now has an additional effect: the uninstall info root key will always be HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and the "common" forms of the Shell Folder constants are always mapped to the "user" forms, even if administrative privileges are available.
* [Setup] section directive CreateUninstallRegKey may now be set to a boolean expression, which may contain calls to check functions. For example: CreateUninstallRegKey=not IsTaskSelected('portablemode'). See the CreateUninstallRegKey documentation for details.
* The Preparing to Install wizard page now offers the user an option to directly reboot instead of just saying a reboot is needed. To trigger this option from a PrepareToInstall event function set its new NeedsRestart parameter to True.
* In the MinVersion and OnlyBelowVersion directives and parameters, .x is now treated the same as .0x when a major version of 5 or higher is specified. Thus, you now have the option of using either 5.01 or 5.1 to specify Windows XP. However, to maintain compatibility with existing scripts, 4.x will still be interpreted as 4.x0.
* Pascal Scripting: Added new PageIndexFromID support function.
* The online documentation available at now has an index and is searchable.
* QuickStart Pack changes:
- Added ISPP function StringChange.
- The ISPP documentation is now available online at
* The uninstall program's version is now 51.(10)51.0.0.
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.3.8

Inno Setup 5.3.7


* The PrivilegesRequired [Setup] section directive can now be set to lowest. On Windows Vista and later this instructs Setup to not request elevated rights (via a User Account Control dialog) even if it was started by a member of the Administrators group. Do not use this setting unless you are sure your installation will run successfully on unprivileged accounts. On Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, lowest behaves the same as none.
* Added new Compiler IDE option: Autosave before compiling.
* [Tasks] section flags checkedonce and unchecked may now be combined. This combination specifies the task to be unchecked by default on the first install, and always unchecked by default on subsequent installs as well.
* A problem with "Not Implemented" errors when Setup or Uninstall was run on Windows 7 under special conditions such as from a non-interactive service was fixed.
* Changed the CodePrepareToInstall.iss example script to use the RunOnce registry key instead of a shortcut placed in {commonstartup}.
* Pascal Scripting: the Non Unicode compiler now has a PAnsiChar type just like the Unicode compiler.
* Added official Japanese translation.
* Unicode [Code] based on RemObjects Pascal Script SVN code revision 197.
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.3.7

Inno Setup 5.3.6


# Windows 7 change:

- Added new [Setup] section directive: UninstallDisplaySize. On Windows 7 and newer, Setup uses this directive to set the EstimatedSize value in the Uninstall registry key when possible since the Windows 7 Add/Remove Programs Control Panel (called Program and Features) no longer automatically calculates it. If an UninstallDisplaySize is not set, Setup estimates the size itself by taking the size of all files installed and adding any ExtraDiskSpaceRequired values set. Note: Windows 7 only supports the display of values smaller than 4 GB.

# Pascal Scripting now supports IUnknown based COM. Previously it only supported IDispatch based COM but a growing number of Windows API functions are COM based without implementing the IDispatch interface, and you can now use these as well. See the new CodeAutomation2.iss example script for an example. Note: this is only supported by Unicode Inno Setup at the moment, because of Delphi 2's limitations (Delphi 2 is used to compile Non Unicode Inno Setup):

- Added StringToGUID, CreateComObject, and OleCheck support functions.
- Added HResult, TGUID, TCLSID, and TIID support types.

# The compiler no longer allows a single LanguageCodePage directive to be applied to multiple languages at once. If you were using this to force Non Unicode Setup to allow the user to select any language regardless of the system code page, set [Setup] section directive ShowUndisplayableLanguages to yes instead.

# Added new CodePrepareToInstall.iss example script.

# Fix: Unicode Pascal scripting: passing a very long string to Format caused an error.

# Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.3.6

Inno Setup 5.3.5


* Windows 7 changes:
o Setup, Uninstall and custom TOutputProgressWizardPage pages now make use of the new Windows 7 taskbar functionality to display progress, pause and error indicators on their taskbar buttons.
o Added new [Icons] section parameter: AppUserModelID. Specifies the Windows 7 Application User Model ID for the shortcut. Ignored on earlier Windows versions and on server versions. This parameter can include constants.

* Windows 7 and Vista changes:
o Setup, Uninstall and custom TOutputProgressWizardPage pages now display pause and error indicators on their progress bars.
o Setup and Uninstall now call the Windows API function ShutdownBlockReasonCreate to set the shutdown block reason string to be displayed to the user if system shutdown is initiated. Note: this change is purely cosmetic, the fact that Setup and Uninstall block system shutdown is not new.

* Pascal Scripting changes:
o TWinControl: Added new ParentBackground property. By setting this to False, you can ensure the background of a TPanel will always display the color assigned to its Color property, instead of it becoming transparent under certain conditions. See the CodeClasses.iss example script for an example.

* The Unicode compiler now behaves identical to the Non Unicode compiler if a language uses more than one .isl file (it no longer requires the LanguageCodePage to be set in each file), or if a languages LanguageCodePage is overwritten from the .iss file (it no longer ignores this), or if any language specific plain text ANSI LicenseFile, InfoBeforeFile, or InfoAfterFile is used (it now converts these to Unicode using the languages LanguageCodePage at compile-time, instead of using the system codepage at run-time).

* Fix: Pascal scripting: passing a Unicode string to some built-in functions like Copy caused the string to be converted to ANSI.

* The uninstall program's version is now 51.(10)50.0.0.

* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.3.5

Inno Setup 5.3.4


* On Windows 7 the Compiler IDE now displays a progress indicator on its taskbar button.
* Pascal Scripting: Documented function IDispatchInvoke, which can be used to access a COM Automation property or method whose name is a reserved word.
* Unicode Inno Setup fixes:
- [Registry] section entries with ValueType set to binary did not set the correct value.
- Pascal scripting: setting a COM Automation property or method parameter to a Unicode string variable caused an 'Invalid Type' error.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.3.4

Inno Setup 5.2.3


* Improved support for right-to-left languages (Arabic and Hebrew):
Added new [LangOptions] section directive: RightToLeft. If set to yes, text alignment and reading order will be reversed (with some intentional exceptions), and controls will be arranged from right to left ("flipped").
* Added new [Setup] section directives: VersionInfoProductName and VersionInfoProductVersion.
* Changed the fixed Language field in Setup's version info from "English (United States)" to "Language Neutral".
* Uninstall now supports custom message constants ({cm:...}) like Setup.
* Right-to-left-related Pascal Scripting changes:
o The control flipping that is performed when RightToLeft=yes is mostly transparent, normally requiring no changes to existing code. Controls created on custom wizard pages will be flipped automatically after the InitializeWizard event function returns, and controls created on custom forms will, by default, be flipped the first time the form is shown.
o Changes to TSetupForm (the class used for custom forms):
+ Added RightToLeft Boolean property (read-only): True if right-to-left text alignment and reading order is enabled on the form. The RightToLeft [LangOptions] directive determines the value of this property.
+ Added FlipControlsOnShow Boolean property: If True (the default setting if RightToLeft is True), controls on the form will be flipped the next time the form is shown. After the form has been shown, the property is reset to False automatically.
+ Added ControlsFlipped Boolean property (read-only): True if the controls have been flipped.
+ Added FlipControlsIfNeeded method. This flips the controls immediately if FlipControlsOnShow is True, then resets FlipControlsOnShow to False.
o Added new classes: TNewEdit, TNewMemo, TNewComboBox, TNewButton, TNewCheckBox, TNewRadioButton, and TNewListBox. On these classes, right-to-left text alignment and reading order is used when the parent TSetupForm's RightToLeft property is True.
o TNewStaticText: Added ForceLTRReading property. If set to True, the text will always be rendered with left-to-right reading order, overriding the parent form's RightToLeft setting.
* Other Pascal Scripting changes:
o TNewStaticText: Added AdjustHeight method. This adjusts the value of the Height property to fit the text. Only useful when AutoSize is set to False.
o Added new object UninstallProgressForm of class TUninstallProgressForm. Also added new event function InitializeUninstallProgressForm, which is called after the Uninstall progress form has been created and before it is shown. See the help file and the CodeClasses.iss example script for more information.
* Added workaround for bug in Windows Vista (still present in SP1): With UAC turned off, launching an uninstaller from the Programs and Features Control Panel applet and answering No at the confirmation message box would cause a "This program might not have uninstalled correctly" dialog to be displayed, even though the uninstaller includes a proper "Vista-aware" manifest.
* IDE changes:
o The New Script Wizard now generates random unique AppId [Setup] section directives.
o Added new Tools | Generate GUID command.
* QuickStart Pack: added ISPP functions GetMD5OfFile, GetMD5OfString and GetFileDateTimeString.
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.2.3

Inno Setup 5.2.2


* The Setup loader now extracts the Setup program executable file with a ".tmp" extension. Versions 5.2.0 and 5.2.1 used a ".exe.tmp" extension, which reportedly, in some cases, caused an "Unable to execute file in temporary directory" error message on systems with a certain antivirus program installed. We were unable to reproduce the error in our own tests, however; it is suspected that this may have only impacted users with custom filename blocking rules defined in their antivirus configuration.
* Pascal Scripting: Added new GetSaveFileName support function.
* Fix: The compiler could fail with an "Out of memory" error on script files containing more than ~100,000 lines, due to a heap fragmentation issue.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.2.2

Inno Setup 5.2.1


* Added new [Setup] section directive: SignedUninstaller, which makes it possible to attach a digital signature to the uninstaller program (unins???.exe). When the uninstaller has a valid digital signature, Windows Vista users will not see an "unidentified program" warning when launching it from outside of Control Panel.
* Added new [Setup] section directive: SignedUninstallerDir.
* Check functions associated with [Tasks] entries are now called when the Select Tasks wizard page is entered. Previously, they were called prior to the wizard being shown, which meant they couldn't depend on the user's selections in preceding wizard pages. (There are plans to make the same change to [Components] in the future.)
* Brought back the pre-5.1.13 duplicate [Components]/[Tasks] entry semantics. For example, in the following case:

Name: foo; Description: "foo #1"; Components: bar
Name: foo; Description: "foo #2"; Components: not bar
Name: foochild; Description: "foochild"

"foochild" will now, once again, be shown regardless of which "foo" is conditionally created.
* Pascal Scripting: "files:" function imports may now include multiple filenames. "files:A.dll,B.dll" will cause both A.dll and B.dll to be extracted before A.dll is loaded.
* On Windows Vista, Setup no longer alters the uninstaller program's manifest resource to request elevation, because this would invalidate a digital signature. Instead, the uninstaller now respawns itself when elevation is required, much like Setup does beginning with version 5.2.0.
* The uninstall program's version is now
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.2.1

Inno Setup 5.2.0


* On Windows Vista, [Run] section entries with the postinstall flag no longer inherit Setup's elevated privileges by default, and instead now execute with the (normally non-elevated) credentials of the user that started Setup initially. (There are some exceptions; see the runasoriginaluser flag documentation for details.)
* Added new [Run] section flags: runascurrentuser and runasoriginaluser. These control which user credentials are used on Windows Vista when spawning processes. (runasoriginaluser is the default when the postinstall flag is used; runascurrentuser is the default otherwise.)
* Improved compression of x86 executable files. (This reduced the size of Inno Setup's own installer by approximately 10 KB.)
* Added new [Files] section parameter: ExternalSize.
* Added new constant: {log}. Translates to the log file name, or an empty string if logging is not enabled.
* Added new [Files] and [Dirs] sections flags: setntfscompression and unsetntfscompression. These flags instruct Setup to enable or disable NTFS compression on the file or directory.
* Pascal Scripting:
o Added new ExecAsOriginalUser, ShellExecAsOriginalUser, and SetNTFSCompression support functions.
o Now supports new DLL loading flag loadwithalteredsearchpath to load DLLs with the Windows flag LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH.
* The Setup loader now uses the original Setup EXE filename + .tmp as the filename for the extracted Setup executable instead of a name comprised of random letters and numbers, which may have seemed suspicious to firewall users.
* In a multilingual installation, Setup now waits until after the Select Language dialog is shown to display any error messages concerning the user's Windows version or privilege level.
* Fix: On Windows Vista, AutoPlay wasn't being suppressed when the user swapped out discs in a disk-spanned install.
* Fix: When the waituntilidle flag was used in the [UninstallRun] section, it behaved like waituntilterminated.
* Based on RemObjects Pascal Script SVN code revision 1045a.
* The uninstall program's version is now

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.2.0
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  • 5.4: Official inclusion of Inno Setup Preprocessor 5.5: Support for Restart Manager and new Windows 8 features 5.5: Support for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 5.5: Support for dual signing (SHA1 & SHA...
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  • 跳到下载链接 Inno Setup 5.5.9 软件名称: Inno Setup 软件版本: 5.5.9 所属分类: 安装制作 授权方式: 免费软件 软件评价: 需要积分: 否 浏览次数: 134633 相关链接: 程序作者或厂商主页 软件汉化: 风铃夜思雨 ...
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  • August 9, 2007 - Inno Setup 5.1.14 released. July 23, 2007 - Inno Setup 5.1.13 released. June 23, 2007 - Toolbar2000 2.2.1 released. April 25, 2007 - Inno Setup 5.1.12 released. March 1, 2007 - Inno S...
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  • Inno Setup 5.5.9 Da Jordan Russell (Open Source) Valutazione dell'utente Garanzia di sicurezza FileHippo Sicurezza garantita da Avira Scarica Ultima versione (1.89MB) Scarica Pubblicità Pubblicità...
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