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Inno Setup

Inno Setup 5.5.9

Jordan Russell

Inno Setup 5.1.14


* Updated the LZMA SDK compression code to version 4.49. This version adds
support for multi-threading, which can speed up the compression process by
50% or more on systems with multiple processor cores, and 20% or more on
systems with single-core Intel processors featuring Hyper-Threading
* Added new CompressionThreads [Setup] section directive.
* Fix: When cleaning the output directory, the compiler would not only
delete files matching OutputBaseFilename-*.bin, but files matching
OutputBaseFilename-*-*.bin as well.

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Inno Setup 5.1.13


* Added new lzma/ultra64 compression level. Same as lzma/ultra, but uses a dictionary size that is twice as large (64 MB).
* Added new SetupLogging [Setup] section directive. If set to yes, Setup will always create a log file (equivalent to passing /LOG on the command line).
* Added new AppSupportPhone [Setup] section directive.
* Added new [Files] section flag: solidbreak.
* Added new [Run] and [UninstallRun] sections parameter: Verb. When used with the shellexec flag, specifies the action to be performed on the file.
* When the shellexec flag is used in the [Run] and [UninstallRun] sections, it now uses the default verb for the file type instead of hardcoding "open". (If necessary, you can override this by adding a Verb parameter.)
* Setup now supports a /TYPE parameter to override the default setup type.
* Components/tasks-related changes:
o /COMPONENTS & /TASKS: When a parent component/task is specified, it no longer automatically checks every child component/task. To achieve the old behavior, prefix the name of the parent component/task with a "*" character, or list each child component/task individually.
o /COMPONENTS: It is now possible to force a child component to be deselected by including its name in the list with a "!" prefix. (/TASKS already supports this.)
o /COMPONENTS is now ignored if no custom type is defined.
o /SAVEINF now writes the selected setup type in the INF file. Previously, using /LOADINF would always select a custom type.
o /SAVEINF now writes the selected tasks in the INF file.
o When a MinVersion/OnlyBelowVersion/Languages/Check/Components parameter causes a parent component/task to be hidden from view, child items will now be hidden as well. (Previously, it was necessary to include the same conditions on every child item in order for them to be hidden along with the parent item.)
o Fix: When new child components/tasks were introduced in a new install, they would always be selected by default if the parent component/task was selected in the previous installation.
o Fix: /LOADINF would select child components that weren't selected during the initial install.
o Fix: In a /COMPONENTS parameter, it is no longer necessary to list fixed components in order for them to be selected.
* Pascal Scripting changes:
o FindFirst/FindNext: Add CreationTime, LastAccessTime, LastWriteTime, AlternateName fields to TFindRec.
o TInputFileWizardPage: Added new IsSaveButton property. This can be used to make a button open a Save As dialog instead of the default Open dialog.
o TNewCheckListBox: Setting Checked[] to True will no longer automatically check an item's child check boxes. To do that now, call the new CheckItem method with coCheckWithChildren in the AOperation parameter.
o ParamStr/ParamCount: Empty parameters ("") are no longer skipped.
* /LOG: Logged times now include milliseconds.
* Compiler IDE changes:
o During the compression phase of a compile, the status bar now shows the estimated time remaining and KB compressed/second.
o The Edit | Redo shortcut is now Ctrl+Y. The previous shortcut (Shift+Ctrl+Z) still works too.
* Fix: In the [INI] section, if Filename was blank, the uninsdelete* flags didn't actually delete anything.
* The uninstall program's version is now
* Minor tweaks.

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Inno Setup 5.1.12


* Fix: On Windows Vista, attempting to expand a shell folder constant that mapped to the root directory of a drive would fail with an error message. This was due to a bug in Vista's SHGetFolderPath API. A workaround for the problem has been implemented.
* On Browse dialogs, the BrowseDialogLabel message text may now span multiple lines.
* The OnlyOnThisPlatform message is no longer used. Now, when a Windows 95/98/Me user attempts to run an installation with a MinVersion setting that blocks installation on non-NT platforms, Setup will display the WinVersionTooLowError message, which is a bit more helpful as it mentions the required version number.
* Corrected some trivial one-pixel-off issues when non-default dialog fonts or font sizes were used.
* Added official Hebrew translation.
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.1.12

Inno Setup 5.1.11


* On Windows 2000 and later, it now uses Windows' own regsvr32.exe to handle DLL registration/unregistration instead of an internal program. This should address errors seen on Windows Vista when registering certain older DLLs. (Windows Vista applies a compatibility fix known as "WRP Mitigation" to regsvr32.exe, which allows it to successfully register DLLs that attempt to write to system registry keys in violation of Windows Resource Protection.)
* Some messages have been added and removed in this version. (View differences in Default.isl)
o New messages: ErrorRegSvr32Failed.
o Removed messages: ErrorRegisterServerMissingExport.
* The uninstall program's version is now
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.1.11

Inno Setup 5.1.10


* Added two new [Run]/[UninstallRun] section flags: 32bit and 64bit. Similar
to the [Files] section flags of the same name, these override the install
mode and affect which System directory the {sys} constant maps to on 64-bit
* Pascal Scripting:
o Added new EnableFsRedirection support function.
o On the Exec function, you can now pass '>' in the Filename parameter
and it will use the value of the Params parameter as the full command
line. This feature can come in handy when executing command lines
obtained from UninstallString registry values; no longer is it
necessary to separate strings into filename and parameter components
o Fix: IsComponentSelected and IsTaskSelected didn't accept forward
* Improved Setup's folder tree view control (seen when a Browse button is
o On Windows Vista, it now uses the same theme as Windows Explorer.
o On Windows Vista, for consistency with Explorer, single-clicking in
a node's text area no longer causes the node to expand.
o Like Windows Explorer, folder nodes now use the shell's "display
names", as opposed to the actual directory names. This matters on
localized versions of Windows Vista, where the on-disk names of system
folders are always in English.
o The system "icon" font is now used instead of the default dialog
font. This font defaults to Segoe UI on Windows Vista, and typically
Tahoma or MS Sans Serif on earlier versions of Windows.
o Disconnected network drives are now listed; expanding one will
restore the connection (on Windows 2000, Me, and later).
* On the Select Destination Location wizard page (as well as custom
directory selection pages created using the CreateInputDirPage support
function), if the letter of a disconnected network drive is entered, and the
user is running Windows XP or later, it will now attempt to restore the
connection automatically when Next is clicked. (It also does this on silent
* On Windows Vista, eliminated the flickering on Setup's progress bar
(purely a cosmetic issue).
* On Windows Vista, Setup now calls SetProcessDPIAware to avoid bitmap
scaling when Windows is configured to use Large Fonts and the "Use Windows
XP style DPI scaling" option is unchecked (not the default setting).
* Compiler IDE changes:
o Added new option: Always launch Setup/Uninstall as different user.
This forces the IDE to display a "Run as" dialog when launching
o The Stop Compile command now displays a confirmation message box.
* Added a "Vista-aware" manifest resource to ISCC so it doesn't request
elevation on Windows Vista.
* Fix: ISCC didn't always print error messages when standard output was
redirected to a file.
* When Setup fails to set the permissions on files, directories, or registry
keys, the error code is now included in the log output.
* When Setup fails to expand a shell folder constant, a warning message
containing the error code is now logged.
* Changed the way version information is read from VXD files to be more
compliant with the MSDN docs.
* The uninstall program's version is now
* Minor tweaks.

版本下載:Inno Setup 5.1.10

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