KeePass 1.37


覺得密碼太多,又很容易忘記嗎 ?keepass就是幫助你管理帳號與密碼的最佳小幫手。在每一次新社帳號後,都可以將資料儲存在這個檔案裡,包含帳號與密碼,同時提供可攜式版本,不用安裝,讓你將個人資料走到哪,帶到哪,完全符合跨平台特色。

  • 強大的安全防護
  • 可儲存多種密碼
  • 可攜式/不需安裝
  • 可匯出TXT/HTML/XML檔案
  • 匯入任何格式檔案
  • 支援密碼群體
  • 提供尋找與排序功能
  • 多國語系支援
  • 提供可擴充外掛
  • 開放原始碼

檔案版本 KeePass 1.37
檔案名稱 KeePass-1.37-Setup.exe
檔案大小 1.89MB
系統 Windows (All Versions)
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 開源軟體
更新日期 2019-01-08

New Features:
Added option 'Do not store data in the Windows clipboard history and the cloud clipboard' (the option is turned on by default; for entry clipboard commands in the main window).
Enhanced installer (added user directory checks, the plugins web page option can be translated now, ...).

In order to avoid selection/Ctrl+A problems, the user name auto-completion now does not append suggestions anymore; it only shows a list of suggestions (in which a suggestion can be selected manually).
Improved reliability of clipboard operations.
The data for the 'Clipboard Viewer Ignore' clipboard format is now stored in UTF-16 on Windows 2000 and higher.
Moved the option 'Clear clipboard when closing/locking the database' from the 'Advanced' tab to the 'Memory' tab.
Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.69.0.
Various code optimizations.
Minor other improvements.


作者 KeePass