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Krita 4.0.2


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版本下載:Krita 4.0.2

Krita 4.0.1


Improvements -
Patch QSaveFile so working on images stored in synchronized folders (dropbox, google drive) is safe.
Fix duplicate shortcut on Photoshop scheme.
Alphabetize shortcut to make the diffs easier to read when doing changes.
Make the triangles larger on the categorized list view so they are more visible.
Disable the macro recorder and playback plugin.
Remove the docker titlebar lock and collapse buttons.
Set the pixel grid to show up at 2400% zoom by default.
Improve the layout of the palette docker.
Disable drag and drop in the palette view: moving swatches around did not actually change the palette.
Fix selecting the last used template in the new document dialog when using appimages.
Fix canvas lockup when using Guides at the top of the image.
Do not reset redo history when changing layer’s visibility.
Fix shifting the pan position after using the popup widget rotation circle.
Fix height map to normal map in wraparound mode.
Make it possible to edit the font size in the svg text tool.
Let Text Shape have empty lines.
Fix updates of undo/redo actions.
Implement “Convert text into path” function.
Fix a crash in SvgTextTool when deleting hovered/selected shape.
Make the text editor window application modal.
Fix alignment of RTL text.
Fix painting parts of text outside the bounding box on the canvas.
Fix rendering of the text with relative offsets.
Fix crash when transforming text with Transform Tool twice.
Fix handling of keyframes when saving.
Keep show in timeline and onion skin options when merging layers.
Keep keyframe color labels when merging layers.
Fix exporting out audio with video formats MKV and OGV.
File handling:
Do not load/save layer channel flags anymore (channel flags were removed from the UI in Krita 2.9).
Fix saving of Transform Mask into rendered formats.
Fix reporting errors when loading fails.
Fix a memory leak when loading file layers.
Fix loading a krita file with a loop in the clone layers setup.
Fix showing a wait cursor after loading a PNG image.
Make bundle loading feedback a bit clearer regarding the bundle.
Vector bugs:
Fix crash when creating a vector selection.
Fix crash when doing right-click on the gradient fill stop opacity input box of a vector.
Fix setting the aspect ratio of vector shapes.
Fix a crash if a certain shape is not valid when writing SVG.
Fix hidden stroke and fill widgets not to track current shape selection.
Painting and brush engines:
Fix crash when creating a new spray preset.
Fix rounding of the the pressure curve.
Fix painting with colorsmudge brushes on transparency masks.
Fix uninitialized distance info for KisHairyPaintOp.
Fix rounding of intermediate pressure values.
Fix the colorsmudge brush when painting in wraparound mode.
Layers and masks:
Fix flattening of group layers with Inherit Alpha property set.
Fix a crash when using a transformation mask on a file layer.
Improve performance of the transformation mask.

版本下載:Krita 4.0.1

Krita 4.0.0


Bug fixes/changes:
Layers -
File layers now can have the location of their reference changed.
A convert layer to file layer option has been added, that saves out layers and replaces them with a file layer referencing them.
FEATURE: let toggling SHOW IN TIMELINE for multilayer selection.
Fix crash with drag and drop mask with Ctrl key.
Show a warning when trying to paint on a clone layer.
Do not add imported layers to recent documents.
Do an exact match if threshold for color is set to 1.
Fixed bug with selecting layer colors on hover.
Improved behavior when copying selection.
reorder and rename locks and visibility menu options in layer docker context menu to be more consistent.
Check all changed properties when doing undo/redo actions.
Fix crash when selecting multiple masks and pressing the properties button.
Fixed resetting Instant Preview cache when changing visibility of layer.
Brushes -
FEATURE: Brush Performance Monitoring. You can toggle this on from the settings under Performance.
Intel GPUs will default to using the ANGLE software rendering. They were creating too many issues with OpenGL turned on.
Implement kinetic scrolling in resource choosers.
Show brush sizes in the brush presets docker by thumbnail.
Give a notification when the current preset has changed with the next or previous shortcuts.
Fixed reference counts with text brushes.
Fixed saving GBR files.
fixed selection area when changing between list and details in the brush preset docker.
Fix erase mode not returning to brush mode when returning to the brush tool.
Disable the brush size shortcuts when the brush size slider is disaled.
Brush preset names that contain an underscore character will display as a space on the UI.
Fix NaN values for bristle brushes.
Label and visibility UI updates to brush smoothing, magnetism, and assistant tool options.
Scale the fuzzy dab/stroke with Strength property and HSV options.
Set the name and validity of brush when copying it.
Add a pressure/angle option to the hatching brush engine.
Removed the chalk brush engine. It was the base for other engines and is not needed.
Fixed rounding error in wrap around mode when painting.
Files -
Render animation UI has been updated to be easier to understand.
FEATURE: Can export out different height, width, and FPS when rendering animations.
PSD: implement loading and saving of layer styles for group laters.
Fixed saving/loading of the currently active node to kra files.
Fixed with nested auto-saves.
Improve feedback when auto-saving document.
Fixed an issue with saving transparency to png and jpg file.
Fix crash when using Save Incremental or Save Backup.
Removed the ODG import feature.
Fix a delay before starting a stroke with a huge texture.
Fix a hangup when canceling exporting a PNG image.
Filters and Blending Modes -
Add a “Hard Mix (Photoshop)” blending mode.
Added a logarithmic scale switch for the color adjustment filter.
Add an invert button to the levels filter.
fix bug with color to alpha filter when creating a mask.
Set minimum blur radius for filter to 1.
Only allow “apply filter again” when it can actually be done.
Do not crash if an export filter does not have a default configuration.
Added a reset button for the HSV adjustment dialog.
Added a reset button to the per channel filter.
Improve determining color format with color generator layers.
Condensed the Configure Krita UI to make it usable for people with smaller monitor screens.
Allow document tabs to be movable/sort able.
File size and modified status appears in the title area for each tab.
The “document name” field was moved to the Content tab in the New File dialog.
Fixed a crash when closing one of the main windows showing the same document.
Fixed placeholder position of window title.
Change ruler subdivision display based on zoom level.
fixed correct set up of the canvas switched.
UI: Make the advanced color selector docker look disabled out if there are no documents open.
Improve how toolbox is resized with dragging and scrolling.
File dialog: check wither the suffix reflects the MIME type.
Make the color selectors a bit faster by improving the algorithm of checking IDs.
Splash image template update UI on loading Krita.
Sort the items in the fill layer drop-down box.
fixed workaround for switching subwindow to tabbed mode when one window is always on top.
Some fixes to icons changing when changing themes.
New application icon.
FEATURE: The variables vh and vw have been added to the numerical input, they represent the width and the height.
Fix division result in the Algebra algorithms.
Fix a bug that caused the auto-scroll bars to get stuck on certain tools.
Fix crash when adding group to empty palette.
Fix logic for reading the swap file from configuration.
Theme icons to the file new dialog with the various template types.
Avoid crashing when deleting a shortcut that doesn’t exist.
Add icons for brush presets to the vector symbol library.
Attempt to restore OpenGL 2.1 support fo non-OSX systems.
Fixed updating the shader when OCIO is activated after being deactivated.
Fix a set of OCIO related bugs.
Fix leak due to cycling shared pointers.
SSE chipset speed up with handling division (8dc92f7dee7dc4e32e22724843669a25f444fa39).
Don’t set the swap directory to an empty string if the user pressed cancel.
Change the default author profile to Anonymous.
Insert author widget at position zero.
Take into account multiplication when translating DPI to Krita internals.
Handle offset better when cropping image.
Fix a regression with delegated tools.
Reset screen rotation after probling QPA on OpenGL.
Add identify for UC-LOGIC based tablets on linux.
Windows: set OS and platform when reporting a bug.

版本下載:Krita 4.0.0

Krita 3.3.3


Krita is an Open Source painting tool that has been designed for illustrators, concept artists, the VFX industry, and matte and texture artists. Krita has numerous innovative features to help the amateur and professionals alike.

Key Tools include:

  • Brush engines.
  • Brush stabilizers.
  • Pop-up palette.
  • Wrap-around mode.
  • Resource manager.
  • Drawing assistants.
  • Layer management.
  • Layer masks.
  • OpenGL enhanced.
  • Full color management.
  • PSD support.
  • HDR support.
  • Transform tools.
  • Training resources.
  • Color palette.

For artists, using Krita is a joy. The interface is very intuitive and highly customizable. The various panels and dockers an be moved and modified to suit your own workflow. As soon as you have your setup in place, you are able to save it as your personal workspace. If you use specific tools regularly, then you are also able to create your own shortcuts for more commonly used tools.

Overall, Krita is one of those gems that you rarely come across. The array of tools is first class for a free product, as is the design and interface. It is easy to use and can be navigated by all users, regardless of their expertise. With support for Photoshop files and the ability to open, save, edit and author HDR images, Krita stands out from the crowd in the painting tool market.

版本下載:Krita 3.3.3

Krita 3.3.2

版本下載:Krita 3.3.2

Krita 3.3.1

版本下載:Krita 3.3.1

Krita 3.3.0

版本下載:Krita 3.3.0

Krita 3.2.1

版本下載:Krita 3.2.1

Krita 3.2.0

版本下載:Krita 3.2.0

Krita 3.1.4


Fix a crash when trying to play an animation when OpenGL is disabled in Krita.
Fix rendering animation frames if the directory you’re trying to render to doesn’t exist.
Don’t open the tablet/screen resolution conflict dialog multiple times.
Don’t scale down previews that are too small in the transform tool: this fixes a rare crash with the transform tool.
Don’t crash when trying to close the last view on the last document while the document is modified.
Fix a crash when cycling quickly through layers that have a color tag.
Fix loading some Gimp 2.9 files: note that Gimp 2.9’s file format is not officially supported in Krita.
Fully remove the macro recorder plugin: in 3.1.4, only the menu entries had stayed around.
Make it impossible to hide the template selector in the new image dialog; hiding the template selector would also hide the cancel button in the dialog.

版本下載:Krita 3.1.4

Krita 3.1.3


New Features:
Implement context menu actions for default tool (cut, copy, paste, object ordering).
added option to allow multiple instances of krita.
scale around pivot point added.
Fix eraser switching back to the brush after flipping the stylus.
Fix the OpenGL crash detection and show Intel warning earlier.
Fix the High DPI switch.
Improve how you select brush spacing so it is easier to slide to a value.
Fix right-button popup menus in tools when using Tablet Stylus.
Added layer thumbnail on the animation timeline while hovering.
Improvements to undo and the swap operation save memory.
Fix when sometimes layer says “group not editable”.
Fix slow down when changing of the smoothing options.
Fix crash when closing an image right during the transformation operation.
Fix a crash when switching tools while running the color picker.
Update to Spriter plugin.
Fix resetting the paint device cache.
Upgrade the layer to an animated one when the first frame is added.
Warn the artist when saving a read-only file.
All file layers to be merged.
Add user feedback when locking for drag and drop between images.
Fix potential crash when dragging and dragging large layers between images.
Don’t crash if there is no proofing color space.
Fix a crash when the layer gets changed to quickly during moving animation.
Fix loading of some animation files.
Port animation frames to use strokes.
Update calligraphy tool icon.
Fix removing color labels from multiple frames.
Add a warning dialog when a person is potentially saving a corrupted image.
Fix updates to assistants when the brush outline is disabled.
Fix for loading the display settings.
Fixed a potential crash when merging layers with pass-through mode.
Fixed flattening and merging of pass-through lode layers.
Fix crash when double clicking on a polyline object.
Fix frame offset when dragging and dropping between layers.
Updated default settings for liquify tool.
Fix issues with saving layer styles and vector layers.
Fix rending a sequence of one animation frame.
Show the on-canvas message by default since mirror view needs it.
Fix for converting floating point channel depth to 8 bit integers with PNG format.
Fix crash when a file layer is deleted.
Make lens blur work when using Krita in another language than English.
Fix memory leak in PNG converter.
Update tooltips for play and stop in animation docker.
Convert the pasted clip color space when the option is set.
Fixes for loading ORA file types.
Fix for updating title of document when changing document title.
Fix activating next/previous layer shortcut for layer groups which are invisible.
New icon for transform from pivot point.
Show layer color labels in timeline docker.
Use the name of the filter when creating a filter mask from the filter dialog instead of “effect”.
Don’t cover startup dialogs (for instance, for the pdf import filter) with the splash screen.
Fix a race condition that made the a transform mask with a liquify transformation unreliable.
Fix canvas blackouts when using the liquify tool at a high zoom level.
Fix loading the playback cache.
fix with dragging when shift is selected.
Use the native color selector on OSX: Krita’s custom color selector cannot pick screen colors on OSX.
Set the default PNG compression to 3 instead of 9: this makes saving png’s much faster and the resulting size is the same.
Fix a crash when pressing the V shortcut to draw straight lines.
Fix a warning when the installation is incomplete that still mentioned Calligra.
Make dragging the guides with a tablet work correctly.
Pressing and releasing a modifier key now updates the cursor instantly.

版本下載:Krita 3.1.3





# New:
- Audio Support for Animations
# Changes
- Ctrl key continue mode for Outline Selection tool: if you press ctrl while drawing an outline selection, the selection isn’t completed when you lift the stylus from the tablet. You can continue drawing the selection from an arbitrary point.
- Allow deselection by clicking with a selection tool: you can now deselect with a single click with any selection tool.
- Added a checkbox for enabling HiDPI to the settings dialog.
- remove the export to PDF functionality. It is having too many issues right now.
# Bug Fixes
- fix a number of bugs with creating and editing bundles.
- fix loading presets with embedded patterns.
- Fix to the erase mode button so it keeps track of the blending mode.
- Fix creating a brush from a stamp.
- Load 16-bit RGBA TIFF files that have no embedded ICC profile as gamma corrected sRGB.
- Make it possible to use the same language for translations as the desktop.
- Fix a possible crash in the brush engine when using older Wacom tablets on Windows 10 and a stylus that does not support rotation.
- Add extra precision to the gray slider in the levels filter.
- Fix settings for cumulative undo.
- Hide text for buttons with an icon in the toolbar.
- Restore the default favorite blending modes.
- Make it possible to delete system tags.
- Restore a step of 0.1 for the crop tool ratio spinbox.
- Fix saving the name of a local selection mask.
- Fix crash when creating a document after closing it with opacity keyframes.
- Icon updates for redo, mirror view, rotation, smoothing modes, merging layers, rotating canvas, split layer, color to alpha.
- fix crash when attempting to use a document that has a 16-bit float XYZ color space.
- Fixed making the fullscreen action checkable again.
- Don’t reset the OCIO settings when moving the window.
- Fix saving pass-through mode for group layers.
- Make user visible color space names in color models consistent.
- Fix a crash when using two windows.
- Fix a possible crash with the undo stack.
- Fix confusion when saving per-stylus presets between sessions.
- Don’t generate thumbnails without a height or width.
- Fix a potential crash when switching to the tool options in the toolbar.
- Fix exporting animation that doesn’t start with the first frame.
- Don’t reset the animation export range every time when exporting an animation.




# New Features
* Full Support for OSX
* Render Animation
* Animation Curves and Opacity
* New Internal Color Picker
* New Quick Brush Engine
* Stop-Based Gradient Editor
* Lazy Brush/Colorize Mask
* Create a stroke around your selection
* Halftone filter added. Find it in the main menu: Filters > Artistic.
* add a new Eraser Switch Opacity feature, similar to the Eraser Switch Size one.
* new layer from visible option in layer menu
* OSX: add quicklook plugin
* Added support for loading Scribus XML palettes.
# Fixes/Changes
* Fixed loading the templates
* brush resize slow-down fixed
* fixes when creating and saving custom shortcuts
* Fixes with stabilizer including finishing line segments and bent lines
* Auto-saving while working is more stable. Fixed race condition while saving.
* Do not install the majority of extra ICC profiles. This helps Krita’s startup speed a lot
* fix transform handles from resizing while doing transforms (349666)
* All shortcuts can be configurable now before a document is open
* Fix for a crash when saving a document after adding a text shape
* ORA: convert the projection for the mergedimage when necessary
* History docker right-click options have been moved to a button since right-clicking wasn’t working
* Escape key gets out of of picking a color on the screen
* fix crash when copying an animation keyframe to frame zero
* Fix exporting images on the command line
* OCIO: fix filling in values if a config is loaded
* BUG: 372171 Save show-in-timeline not depending on the animated status of the layer
* fix crash when moving filter masks
* added a “demo” brush tag
* removed a help button that didn’t do anything in the preferences
* Disable transform tool on vector layers. This cannot be done and created issues
* fix crash is second window with a view into the first window is closed
* fix crash when creating a new document
* Fill painter tool can now fill 8-bit color on a 16-bit device
* Updated the transform tool options icons
* BUG:372110 Fix hiding Tool Options widgets when a new window is created
* fix crash when filter layer needs to create a LAB color space for filtering (368648)
* fix potential memory leak in the popup action
* fix crash when using the filter brush
* Show a message box when saving fails because the target directory does not exist
* Prevent rulers from flashing on and off with a new document
* BUG:372545 Fix isotropic spacing when working on a mirrored canvas
* BUG: 372171 – Mark image as modified when the user changes frame rate or animation range
* BUG:373205 Disable the quick-group actions if the active node is a mask
* assistants combobox is now ordered by name
* BUG: 373077 Select the mimetype of split images by default to the mimetype of the current image
* BUG:372613 Fix the out-of-gamut warning color configuration
* BUG:373342 Correctly save the visibility of a vector layer
* CCBUG:373077 Image split: show error dialogs only once
* fix potential crash when using the scratchpad
* BUG:373267 Always save the merged image as 8 bit sRGB, no profile. This improves the compatibility with other applications
* Remove tags assocated with bundles when needed
* disabled the spriter plugin for now as it is having issues
* Fix layout of monitor profiles by using a QFormLayout
* D3525: Fix floating point Lab color space values
* BUG:373334 Fix installing proifles with complex filenames
* Splash screen loading progress text is more accurate
* fix regression when using the hatching and sketch brush engines
* fix crash with LUT docker not managing pointers well (368764)
* fix sobel filter to display correctly
* BUG:372893 Fix painting of the sliderspinbox
* BUG:366289, 369451 – Fix Tilt-elevation to work with rotated/mirrored canvas
* Disabled the big brother plugin
* fix clone brush from copy/paste error
* fixed isue with the brush editor not updating correctly (T3578)
* fix crash using “Create Copy from Current Image” (351106)
* fix clipping issue with auto brush (367804)
* UI fix for the transform tool options
* Updated zoom menu icons
* fix potential crash when closing the window
* unify colors on all SVG icons
* fix drag and drop crash with clone layer (20405)
* fix memory leak when Cumulative undo is turned on (365992)
* fix tablet no pressure bug when closing the brush editor (369114)
* fix crash when changing the canvas type while showing the pop up palette
* fixed saving thumbnails when auto-saving
* Don’t crash when using split layer in another language
* PgUp/PgDown fix when moving around layer masks
* fixed brush property Color: Mix doesnt work right with the default colorspace in 16 Bits (369882)