WinRAR 5.70 Beta 2 32-bit for PC Windows

WinRAR 32-bit

WinRAR 是一個壓縮實用程序,它完全支持 RAR 和 ZIP 文件並能夠解壓縮 CAB、ARJ、LZH、TAR、GZ、ACE、UUE、BZ2、JAR、ISO、7Z、Z 格式的文件。它一貫比競爭對手更好地壓縮,節省磁盤空間和傳輸成本。

WinRAR 提供使用鼠標和菜單以及命令行接口的圖形交互界麵。相比許多其他歸檔壓縮軟件,WinRAR 包含的特殊的“向導”模式,通過一個簡單的問答程序就可以讓您即時使用了基本的存檔壓縮功能,簡單易用。

WinRAR 為您提供使用 AES (高級加密標準)的 128 位密鑰的行業存檔加密技術。它支持的文件和壓縮包大小達 85890 億GB。它還提供創建自動解壓和 Multivan 壓縮包的功能。使用恢複記錄和恢複卷,您甚至能重建物理受損的壓縮文件。

檔案版本 WinRAR 5.70 Beta 2 32-bit for PC Windows
檔案名稱 wrar57b2.exe
檔案大小 2.80MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
支援語系 Multiple languages
軟體類型 共享軟體
更新日期 2019-02-22

Version 5.70 beta 2

1. "Find" command "Disks and folders" drop down list has been renamed
to "Search area". Additionally to already existing choices,
it includes a new "Selected items" option restricting search
to files and folders selected in WinRAR file list.

2. "Find" command displays the number of found items in status bar.

3. Switches -ta, -tb, -tn, -to now allow any number of modifiers
in the same switch to set the same date for all specified times.
For example, -tamc20190215 will process files modified and created
after 2019-02-15.

New 'o' modifier permits to switch from AND to OR logic,
so -tamco20190215 includes files modified or created after 2019-02-15.
It is also allowed to specify several time filtering switches
with different dates in the same command line, like:
-taco20190201 -tbmo20190210

Switches -ta and -tn also include files matching the specified date
exactly. Switches -tb and -to exclude such files.

4. "Diagnostic messages" window displays archive names in a separate
column to provide the better message visibility for lengthy
archive names.

5. Switch -isnd[-] in command line WinRAR mode allows to override
"Enable sound" option in WinRAR settings. Use -isnd to turn sound
notifications on and -isnd- to turn them off.

6. Bugs fixed:

a) disabling "Packed" file list column also affected "Type" column
inside of archives leaving it blank;

b) WinRAR issued "The specified password is incorrect" message
infinitely when extracting an encrypted file from RAR archive
without name encryption if a wrong global password was set;

c) "File list/Files/Exact sizes" option in WinRAR settings
did not work inside of archives.

作者 RARLab